– by Joseph Jammer Medina

They say that kids say the darndest things.

Well, Flula Borg says the most random darndest things.

In my personal career of interviewing various personalities, I had never come across a fun, vibrant and most random interviewee. Borg kept me on guard as I’m trying to keep my composure throughout the interview.

Borg plays Pieter Kramer of Das Sound Machine, a singer in the German acapella group that is the adversary to the Bellas. He is a singer, rapper and well-known YouTuber in real life. In addition, he has conducted interviews with celebrities, which he takes them completely by surprise with his random humor.

In this exclusive interview, we talked about a lot of ridiculousness and randomness of various topics. Of course, we covered the main topic “Pitch Perfect 2” as much as we can. My only regret was not getting this as a video interview and perhaps personally rapping with him.

“Pitch Perfect 2” is available on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow.

Check out the off-the-wall interview from Flula Borg below.

Latino-Review: Tell me on why you wanted to work on this “Pitch Perfect 2” project. It’s probably obvious, right?

Flula Borg: Y’know, I was wondering that and I love baseball very much. So when I’ve heard of the title “Pitch Perfect,” now I could finally learn on how to throw a ball in a manly way. I immediately signed up.

Latino-Review: [Laughter] So how did they discover you then?

Flula Borg: I make very strange YouTube videos when I’m confused about life. Someone in the crew or cast, probably not working very hard or being very lazy, saw one of my videos. I auditioned because of these strange videos.

Latino-Review: You simply got it just like that?

Flula Borg: Oh, no. I had to put on some underwear and some pants with a shirt and shoes. I did audition, but I auditioned for a lady part. I pretended that I was still a man. I sang my heart away. I sang all the songs that you could imagine—Annie Lennox, Bruce Springsteen—I gave them all the hits.

Latino-Review: [Chuckles] So what was the best part that you got to work on in this movie?

Flula Borg: I loved the songs very much with the dancing. Our music numbers were great. I felt like I was in “Chicago” except that I’m German wearing mesh and half-naked. I acted very tough and singing Ludicrous raps.

Latino-Review: Was the rapping pretty hard?

Flula Borg: I enjoy rapping very, very much. I enjoy eating cereal. I enjoy naps. I enjoy spitting to dope rhymes. Those are in my top favorite events of life.

Latino-Review: What about the choreography? Was that difficult for you?

Flula Borg: Everything in life is confusing for me. Many times I would put the wrong size shoes on or put socks on my hands. Sometimes I would just drink sunscreen. This was very difficult. I was so happy that I didn’t eat my own feet.

Latino-Review: Talk about working with the other cast members. Who was the favorite person on set that you got to interact with?

Flula Borg: When men and women have babies—they cannot choose their favorites. They are not my babies and I will not choose favorites. I would tell you that Rebel Wilson is very sassy and great. Anna Kendrick is a charming tiny, tiny, tiny human. I am fifteen Anna Kendricks.

Latino-Review: What was themost difficult thing you had to do on this project then?

Flula Borg: Not to get fired. I was very worried all day long. I’m a man of worries. Y’know, it’s like when someone says that you a worrywart? Well, I have a worry mountain. And it’s right between my should blades.

Latino-Review: Did you do a lot of improv throughout this film?

Flula Borg: Yes, Elizabeth Banks is such a great and creative director. She would let us just play, improvise and experiment with many lines. In the movie, many of the lines in these scenes just developed as we were shooting.

Latino-Review: Were you disappointed that the final scene was filmed in America rather than Europe?

Flula Borg: No, no, no. That was filmed in Denmark, man. I was there. I was having Danishes and petting Great Danes. I was spending the Dutch currency, whichis the Dunkee.

Latino-Review: Oh, it is the Dunkee? [Chuckles]

Flula Borg: I’m pretty sure it is the Dunkee. Two dollars equals a Dunkee. Let me check on that online.

Latino-Review: If you had a choice of your own song in the film—what song would that be?

Flula Borg: Ooh. I love “This is how we do it,” by Montell Jordan. It makes me dance up and down then left and right. It makes me dance in all the directions.

Latino-Review: Wow.

Flula Borg: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Latino-Review: I’m curious, Flula. What does your name mean? Where did it came from?

Flula Borg: I don’t know. I’ve asked my parents many times. They always give me a strange smile and a strange wink. They are hippies. This is a name that I know nobody else had. They must’ve had some strange kind of trip and probably met some magical Ewok named “Flula.” They will not tell me and it’s a mystery to me.

Latino-Review: What do you think it means?

Flula Borg: I think it means, “Hey, everyone! Watch out! It’s time to dance and have a dope time. Let’s ride this train and don’t get on that caboose. That train can be very boring and slow.”

Latino-Review: I have seen your videos before. I noticed that you’ve done a lot of interviews before. Could you explain on that “Boom!” at the beginning of every interview?

Flula Borg: [Chuckles] Y’know, when we start the day by opening our eyes and it’s like the signal that it’s time to wake up. When I say, “Boom!” it’s like your eyes opening. You should look at the Earth and planet to realize, “Hey! This isn’t a bad hearty place. Let’s have a good time.” To say all of these things take too many seconds. So I scream, “Boom!”

Latino-Review: Did anyone react so strangely against you?

Flula Borg: Everyone. Yes. It’s a confusing way to say hello. I think due to high energy—there’s many octanes in my Boom. That sometimes can make people concerned.

Latino-Review: So how does it feel to be on the other side of the interview?

Flula Borg: I love it! Y’know, I enjoy speaking to humans and other animals as well. Speaking is a fun time. As long as someone is speaking in return to me, it’s a very fun time. It’s like at a restaurant. I enjoy eating the food and I enjoy serving the food.

Latino-Review: Do you want to do this again?

Flula Borg: You mean this interview? Yeah, let’s keep going.

Latino-Review: [Laughter] I mean to go back to “Pitch Perfect” again.

Flula Borg: Absolutely. They say that I’m making fifty-five in almonds then count me in for fifty-six.

Latino-Review: Most people in “Pitch Perfect” came back in the sequel in one form or another. Chances are that it’ll be pretty good for you, right?

Flula Borg: I’m very excited. I hope to reincarnate like a phoenix and fly around the set. I want to get some dope lyrics. It’ll be very heavy.

Latino-Review: [Chuckles] What would you like to do if you were back in “Pitch Perfect 3?”

Flula Borg: Ideally, I would love to serve brownies to everyone. Then I would start to scream Steven Seagal action lines. Then I would proceed to fight the furniture.

Latino-Review: Awesome. Could you talk about any of your future projects?

Flula Borg: I’m releasing an album of strangest dope tunes [this] Friday, which I am very excited about. Hopefully, I have a very small role in an upcoming chipmunk movie. I also like to write novels within eight hours. I will do this again in November—publish it and not spell check it. I also plan to sleep and nap eight hours a day from now till 2059.

Latino-Review: [Laughter] Let’s wrap this up. What would be the strangest question that you would love to ask me?

Flula Borg: Right before you’re about to go asleep, what food item would you love to place on your forehead?

Latino-Review: [Long pause] That indeed is a strange question. You know what? I wouldn’t know. But, thank you for that question though. I’ll have to think about that when I go asleep.

Flula Borg: The answer is corn. Well, maybe it’s for me. That’s mine. Anyways.

Latino-Review: [Laughter] Thank you. That was very entertaining.

Flula Borg: No, thank you. It’s great to speak with you.

“Pitch Perfect 2” is available on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow.

Source: Latino-Review.com

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