– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Remember back when MoviePass allowed its subscribers to see one movie every 24 hours or so for $9.95 a month? Yeah, it was a great idea in theory — one that you’d almost be stupid not to pay for that if you were a moviegoer, and that’s kind of what happened. Over the course of a year or so, it became very clear that the service was basically throwing bins of cash into the furnace with each passing day. It was simply not an economically viable strategy.

In the months since the implosion of the service, they have skewed to more solvent plans. They aren’t really as sexy — they’re higher in price and only allow a limited number of viewings per month, with some other restrictions, but we’re sure investors a little happier, right? Well, forget about that, because they’re reviving the unlimited $9.95 plan again, as Ted Farnsworth, CEO of MoviePass’ parent company Helios and Matheson said in a statement:

“We are — and have been — listening to our subscribers every day, and we understand that an uncapped subscription plan at the $9.95 price point is the most appealing option to our subscribers.”

“While we’ve had to modify our service a number of times in order to continue delivering a movie-going experience to our subscribers, with this new offering we are doing everything we can to bring people a version of the service that originally won their hearts.”

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But, this isn’t quite the same plan. For starters, this is restricted to 2D movies only. Furthermore, they have to be 2D movies “available in the app,” meaning that can vary depending on random circumstance (and, based on their history, they’re not above blacking out movies randomly). It also looks like selection could be limited based on “excessive individual usage”…whatever the hell that means.

Additionally, one can only have the $9.95 plan if they pay for a year in advance. If you want to go month by month, it’s $14.95/month.

So what do you think of this new plan? Is it worth the money being spent, and more importantly, do you think it will last? Let us know down below!

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