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Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Review: Wasted Potential & A Shocking Reveal | MMM

Ms Marvel Episode 6 Review Wasted Potential With A Shocking Reveal Marvel Multiverse Mayhem YT

Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Review: Wasted Potential & A Shocking Reveal | MMM

Kyle goes at it solo again with his Ms. Marvel Episode 6 review! How did the series/season finale land? Well, not so hot. If you want to know all the gritty details why, start watching already!

(00:00)- Intro & Spoiler Free Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Review
(07:59)- Grading This Episode And The Season/Series
(10:30)- SPONSOR: Grow Generation
(11:01)- SPOILERS: Ms. Marvel Finale Review
(17:46)- That BIG Reveal At The End
(23:10)- Post Credits & Final Thoughts

MARVEL MULTIVERSE MAYHEM is the premier ALL THINGS MARVEL podcast from LRM Online’s Genreverse Podcast Network. Kyle and Nick will be guiding you through the latest phase of the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. From the latest episode of a Disney+ show to a feature film by Marvel Studios (…or Sony….), we’ve got you covered with inciteful recaps, Easter eggs, and further MCU speculation!

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Did you miss the last episode? Catch it here:



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Question(s) of the week: How do you feel about Ms. Marvel Episode 6? What were the strengths and weaknesses of this series? Also, are you more or less of a Ms. Marvel fan after this show?


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