– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Back in 1990 my late aunt, Elizabeth Peña starred opposite Tim Robbins in the thriller JACOB’S LADDER. The film centered on a Vietnam veteran haunted by flashbacks and hallucinations based on his experiences before, during, and after the nightmarish war. Robbins played the titular Jacob, Peña played Jezzie.

I recall it was a big deal when it came out. I wasn’t allowed to see it, since I was only 7. And, actually, to this day I haven’t seen it. Mainly cause I’ve been told by friends of mine that my Ñaña was involved in some fairly risqué scenes, so…no thanks. But yes, the original JACOB’S LADDER was directed by Adrian Lyne (FATAL ATTRACTION) and continues to have a strong following to this day.

Now it’s being remade, and it’s got Michael Ealy (ALMOST HUMAN) and Jesse Williams (CABIN IN THE WOODS) attached to star. This iteration of the story will focus on a pair of brothers, while maintaining the paranoid thriller elements of the original. Variety is reporting that Nicole Beharie has just signed on to be the female lead, opposite Ealy’s Jacob. Beharie is best known for work on the Fox TV series, SLEEPY HOLLOW

This JACOB’S LADDER remake will be directed by David Rosenthal (THE PERFECT GUY), and is being written by Jeff Buhler and Sarah Thorp. 

It’s an odd position to be in. This is the first time my family and I are seeing one of Elizabeth’s films getting the remake treatment. I suppose it’s cool to see projects she was attached to living on- RUSH HOUR is now a TV show, THE INCREDIBLES is going to get a sequel, MODERN FAMILY is still on the air, and now there’s this remake. Hopefully, these new titles will bring fresh eyes to the original projects and more people will get to experience her great work. 

Te extraño.

SOURCE: Variety

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