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UPDATE: Includes updated speculation, assuming that Season 2 is 10 episodes, not eight.

Earlier this year saw the release of Season 1 of A Series of Unfortunate Events on the Netflix streaming service. It had been over a decade since the book series of the same name had been adapted, and when it was, it only really pulled elements from the first few books. Today’s current age of amazing television was a much better fit to adapt long form storytelling, and as such, it was great news when it was first announced, fans rejoiced. Finally, we’d be able to see all 13 books fully realized on the big screen.

When the show finally hit the streaming service earlier this year, it did not disappoint. The show had the trademark wit of the books, plus added characterizations that took advantage of its onscreen medium. It seemed very faithful to its source material, all while aging itself up oh-so-slightly so that it would be better enjoyed by its target demographic, which had grown up since the release of the books.

While A Series of Unfortunate Events hit Netflix back in January, it took a couple months for the official Season 2 announcement to hit. That’s quite often the case with these shows. Netflix releases a season, assesses its performance, and then announces another if it’s profitable. However, now’s yet another time to rejoice.

According to Deadline, we don’t have to wait and see how Season 2 does before we know if Season 3 is happening. The outlet is reporting that the show has already been renewed for a third season. As of this writing, we don’t know if Season 3 will be its last, but given that there are thirteen books, and that the first season covered the first four, it’s not unreasonable to assume that Season 3 will be eight episodes covering the last four books (assuming that news of Season 2 being 10 episode is correct). Of course, it’s also possible that they’ll split things up more so that we have two six-episode seasons rounding things up, but given the age of the kids, it seems best to wrap things up as quickly as possible.

There’s no word yet on why they’ve decided to act so quickly. Perhaps it does have to do with the age of our leads. With two seasons greenlit, perhaps they can shoot them all at once, reducing how much each one changes in between each season, and thereby making a less distracting experience for the audience. This, of course, is just speculation, as there is still no official confirmation of how long the show will be.

Do you think Season 3 will be the last for A Series of Unfortunate Events? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Deadline

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