– by Joseph Jammer Medina

A few weeks back, I reported that Wesley Snipes was letting it be known that he’d been chatting with Marvel. The actor famously played the titular character in Blade, based on the Marvel comic, and there’ve been rumblings that the two sides have been trying to see if there was a way to resurrect the character in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. Those rumblings, however, seem far-fetched, since it would involve finding a way to say that the three Blade films so far are part of the MCU canon. In that report, I speculated that it’s more likely that Snipes is either being asked to play an all-new character in one of their films or that they’d bring him in for a brief, fan-service-y cameo in a new Blade film. 

Which brings us to today…

Bleeding Cool is reporting that the new Blade, which wouldn’t be happening anytime soon since Marvel has its slate all lined up for the next few years, would actually be based on the upcoming comic book version of the character. What’s notable about that? That version is female. She’s the daughter of the original Blade. 

Bleeding Cool’s source claims this is why the comic book relaunch of the character has been delayed- because they want to make sure that the new book is top quality and would work well with a cinematic reboot. 

This makes me wonder if the recent murmurs of Snipes and Marvel getting back into bed together has something to do with him playing “daddy Blade” in this feature. What do you think?

SOURCE: Bleeding Cool 

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