– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The new YouTube Red series Cobra Kai may be a continuation of the rivalry between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, but as expected, it will go beyond those two and into the next generation of fighters. We’ve seen no trace of these kids in the trailers so far, but in a new batch of characters spots, we finally have a chance to see who they are.

The first one introduces Daniel LaRusso’s daughter, Sam.

Based on the video, it looks like Daniel’s worried she’ll fall into the Cobra Kai crowd, and while she seems perfectly capable and athletic, it’s probably safe to assume she’ll end up joining them in secret (uh-oh).

The next clip shows Johnny Lawrence’s son, Robby.

Johnny’s got some serious kid issues. Robby doesn’t seem to respect him at all, and we’re sure Johnny’s entirely to blame. Though, somehow we’re sure this series will see the two begrudgingly reconciled. Also of note here is that it seems like this new YouTube Red series will allow F-bombs to be dropped…interesting.

The last video introduces a kid named Miguel.

Miguel looks to be the real Daniel LaRusso of this series, only much nerdier. You can tell he’s nerdy because he has asthma. Hollywood 101, baby! Speaking of which, Johnny, asthma isn’t something that just goes away with willpower, dude!

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SOURCE: YouTube Red

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