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Coming off of the most recent X-Men: Apocalypse, I may not have been too high on the concept of Logan, the third Wolverine flick. On the whole, Apocalypse — while fun and entertaining — didn’t have a whole lot to offer in the character, and despite the difference in director, I worried Logan would be more of the same.

However, when that first trailer dropped, and that Johnny Cash song came on, I was entranced. The film was a drastic change in tone — one that felt more like a modern indie western than your typical superhero film.

But with the film only a handful of months away, the ever-reliable wponx Instagram account has posted yet another image. This one is labeled “Silence,” and like the others, it’s in a beautiful black and white. The photo shows Wolverine standing over a body, outside of a house.

Per usual, the aesthetic is great, but I can’t help but get a bit annoyed at these images. As great as they look, we know that the film isn’t in black and white. We saw the teaser, and the teaser was in beautiful, gorgeous color. With that in mind, I’m almost starting to feel cheated by these images, as they’re representing a version of the film I’ll never get to enjoy.

Oh well.

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SOURCE: wponx