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Netflix and Marvel are in a power position, they’re coming off four series hits and one mini-series event, and are now preparing to release their most-anticipated collaboration — The Punisher — but they might be overplaying their hand with their latest teaser. Look, we cut Netflix-Marvel a lot of slack regarding the marketing and promotion of these series, but comic book fans are hungry for intel and get a bit angry when the hype faucet is cranked down to just a drip — lesson: never make a Marvel fan “hangry.”

Almost a month ago the first teaser for The Punisher was released — called “Demolition” — showing us tiny glimpses of footage along with beats of Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) smacking concrete with a sledgehammer — very cool, right? A couple weeks later we got another teaser — “Friends. Enemies. Frank Castle” — conveying a series of character images and redacted government documents in a stylized, 30-second video (and the soundtrack was pretty neat too). Cool stuff, not too revealing, definitely creating excitement, but also juicing fans’ hangry meter.

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Today, a new 15-second teaser dropped on The Punisher‘s official Twitter feed, which builds on the previous teasers, and yet somehow reveals even less information. The new clip feels like outtakes from the previous teaser, showing us a few more key gov’t docs, plus a new spin on the espionage-thriller music from the previous trailer.

It’s all very clever, but it’s getting a little annoying. We’re (guessing) that the release of The Punisher will be on Nov 10-11 — Marine Corps anniversary and Veteran’s Day holiday, respectively. So two months-ish out and we have no proper trailer. There’s a limit to fans patience and Netflix knows it… are they trying to help us find our own inner-Punisher? Well, it’s working; I got a sledgehammer in my garage and I’m feeling the need to smash something. Well-played Netflix, well-played.

Are you patiently awaiting the release of Marvel’s The Punisher on Netflix? Are you feeling some rage over the lack of a viable trailer? Let us know in the comments down below!

The Punisher hits Netflix this fall (rumor has it on Nov 10-11, 2017).

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