– by Campbell Clark

The Nintendo Switch has sold like hotcakes, it’s really been another huge success story for the Japanese console and games developer. However, many still consider the Switch and anything Nintendo release as a budget version of what is normally on offer from both Sony and Microsoft, not to even mention gaming PCs which are always on the cutting edge of technology.

It’s also not always been a story of success for Nintendo. The Wii captured a casual gaming audience that their rivals didn’t even know existed. But when Nintendo released the weirdly marketed and named WiiU, sales dropped off a cliff and the console was quickly replaced by the infinitely superior Switch.

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The problem going forward for Nintendo is the third party games market. Nintendo is famous for producing games based on their own IP’s, but that’s not enough to grab the kind of market share that PC’s, Sony and Microsoft split between them. The Switch simply isn’t powerful enough to run many of the games that currently get released for PlayStation or Xbox. Amongst all the gamers I know Nintendo is seen as the fun second console, not the main console and its greatest selling point is games you would have no access to otherwise along with the mobile gaming options the Switch provides.

Now a report by Kotaku using information from The Wall Street Journal states that Nintendo could be set to unleash a more powerful version of the Switch next year. According to the report, this would include improved LCD screens for the handheld device also and would still run all current Nintendo Switch games.

It’s not as if this is a brand-new thing. After all, Sony has released the PS4 Pro and Microsoft the Xbox One X, these upgraded premium consoles provide a better, faster user experience and can also produce images more suited for high-end 4K TV screens. From Nintendo’s point of view, it could also give them access to a back catalog of third-party titles.

But there is one issue that remains, it’s all rumor for now, but in this industry, rumor tends to be a bit more solid. The rumor is that both the PlayStation and Xbox next generation consoles should be arriving by late 2019 – late 2020. I honestly cannot see them being as late as Fall 2020 at this point personally as PC’s are just so far ahead of the base models of the current generation right now.

If this happens, then Nintendo’s more powerful Switch is once again going to be left trailing behind and it seems unfeasible for Nintendo to make a full generational leap like their competitors, firstly because they are already behind on development time and secondly because Nintendo like to aim for a cheaper base price and lower  powered console and let their unique IP’s sell the thing.

I’ve been convinced for some time that Nintendo would make far more money by just being a games developer rather than a console developer, but then something like Switch comes along and makes you wonder why Sony and MS never thought of that?

What do you think of the idea of a more powerful Nintendo Switch? Would that make you want to go spend money on the upgrade or would you stick with your less powered but currently paid for Switch base model? Sound off below.

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SOURCE: Kotaku