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Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow.

There are only two episodes left for The Flash this year, and next week’s episode includes the fan favorite Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller). Before I get into theories and random thoughts, Be sure to have a look at the trailer for Episode 21: “Infantino Street.”

So, if you followed Legends of Tomorrow, you know that Captain Cold died a hero. Eobard Thawne (Reverse-Flash) pulled him from the time stream in Legend’s Season 2 ender. If you have followed the CW shows, you will know that Captain Cold is gone from this time existence. During the conclusion on Legends he was plopped back into his main story. However, time is now broken. Does this mean that Cold never joined with Legends? Is Cold himself a Time Remnant? Or did Barry (Bart — I loved that reference btw) do another time run and fetch him?

Series creator Greg Berlanti has made time travel and its repercussions almost impossible to understand. For this, as some may feel disdain, I instead applaud him. He has basically left any possibility on the table. Will we be getting the passionate Captain Cold or the selfish one next week?


Let’s take a look at the trailer. King Shark is guarding a power source which could power the Speedforce Bazooka (ya I lol’d at that), which is the entire reason that Cap is teaming up with The Flash. I think there is more than meets the eye here. Captain Cold is Miller’s best work ever, and while I don’t have the new Prison Break ratings, I can say it is utterly boring, which highly disappointed me. Perhaps this is simply a career move to get him back to the CW (yeah yeah, Fox is bigger — but social media loves Captain Cold, and in today’s world, this may be more important than TV ratings). Either way, we have a cluster**** to explain here.

Something else that is not explained, as of yet, are the burns on Savitar’s face. While I do not forsee Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) returning this season, as he is stuck in Los Angeles in a timefart, intense cold can do similar damage to a heatwave gun. If The Flash ended with Captain Cold being the hero, I would be as happy as could be. Maybe he could be on Team Flash next year, time Remanent or not, but this is simply wishful thinking.

Or possibly, he has the technical knowledge to restore Killer Frost.

I can’t wait for next week!

What do you guys think? In Legends, he was inserted before he joined Legends, which is AFTER the current timeline. How does he come back? Are we still in Flashpoint? Is there a greater force that has bigger plans for Cold? Let’s hear your thoughts and speculation!

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