– by Shockey
– by Joseph Medina

DISCLAIMER: This editorial contains spoilers for DC and Warner Bros.’ latest film, SUICIDE SQUAD.

About a year and a half ago, while writing for another outlet, I made a list of reasons why the impending DC Extended Universe could potentially trounce the Marvel Cinematic Universe in terms of quality. For starters, DC, by far, has more well known characters than Marvel. There’s a good reason why in 2008, the idea of an IRON MAN movie was crazy — because Iron Man was a B-level character in the eyes of the mainstream audience. More than anyone, DC was put in an advantageous place in terms of brand and character recognition. 

This is especially true on the villain front.

With the exception of Spider-Man, there aren’t a lot of Marvel superheroes with memorable rogues galleries. Marvel Studios has done a great job in milking their villains for what they’re wroth but make no mistake, they’ve gone a strictly hero-driven approach. The result is a line of films with great leads and dull villains and obstacles. The films are traditional and primal — often to a fault. This is an area where DC could very well fill a void.