– by Campbell Clark

When it comes to the Oscars and blockbuster movies, it feels like this has been a long year. Firstly we had the planned popular film category, which we discussed extensively on LRM in the form of articles and our Los Fanboys Podcast. We then had the announcement that The Academy was canceling plans to introduce this new category this year because there simply was not enough time, or reading between the lines, they did not like the backlash the decision received.

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Then we had Disney nominating Black Panther for what seems like literally every category going for this year’s awards ceremony. However, Avengers: Infinity War was nowhere to be seen in terms of Oscar buzz and were any of us really surprised by that? After all, while I can see why Disney feel they have a chance with Black Panther, Infinity War does not seem like the kind of movie that regularly wins any awards, well other than one, best visual effects. The category that is pretty much the only avenue big-budget blockbusters have for a chance of winning at the Oscars.

Now Disney has indeed nominated Avengers: Infinity War for best visual effects category and the four people cited as responsible for bringing those effects to life are Dan Deleeuw, Kelly Port, Russell Earl, and Dan Sudick. Personally, I think Infinity War has a very good chance of winning the award because I can’t automatically think of a film with better visual effects than the epic third Avengers movie. Although, the visual effects were certainly not perfect and I think most fans have been somewhat critical of a few of the CGI shots, especially Banner inside the Hulkbuster armor. But was it still better than anything else this year so far? I do however feel there is a good chance Aquaman will give it a run for its money in the visuals department when it releases this Fall.

I loved Infinity War way more than I did Black Panther, but that’s just my personal opinion and I know it’s not one shared by all my colleagues here at LRM. So who knows how the academy will decide to vote, but I have more confidence in Infinity War winning this category than I do Black Panther winning any of the more elite categories it is being nominated for.

What do you think of Infinity War‘s chances, was it the best visual film of this year so far or do you have any other contenders you feel were superior? Let us know your thoughts below as always.

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