– by Emmanuel Gomez


It seems like Todd Phillips’ Joker film is really taking social media by storm. First there was the camera test reveal, then there was the subway footage as well as the recent post from Phillips on Instagram of Joaquin Phoenix’s character Arthur Fleck in full clown attire looking very sad sitting hunched over. Today we now have new footage that gives us the reason as to why Phillips probably shared that picture.


Thanks to a YouTube video, which you can check out above, we can see Phoenix’s character in his clown costume, presumably after working some kind of job. By all the trash around him we can tell that he is definitely not in one of the best spots in Gotham. There he is seen talking with someone in a phone booth in which he seems to receive some tragic news because the next thing we see is Fleck drop the phone and lean his head against the glass as he hunches over and cries.

Comic book fans will be quick to question if this is the moment that beings to mentally break down Fleck into what will become the Joker. It is easy to see where some would point out the similarities to Alan Moore’s iconic standalone story The Killing Joke. Where in trying to provide for his pregnant wife he finds himself in a heist with some local gangsters. During the planning stage of the robbery he gets the tragic news that his wife had passed in an accident. Then forced to continue with the heist, he ends up in a chemical accident that changes his appearance and thus creates the Joker.

It would seem like the are going to stay away from the chemical bath in this story as we have seen him more or less as the clown prince of crime with the make up on the subway. It will be interesting to see if this phone call has anything to do with his possible dying mother that he had come to Gotham to help out. Regardless of the situation, it is shaping up to be quite an interesting story.

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Joker is scheduled to arrive in theaters October 4th, 2019.

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Source: YouTube