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Welcome to a post WandaVision discussion and of course our regular Free Talk Friday. Like most of you guys, I watched the WandaVision finale today, so let’s get into discussing Marvel’s first Disney+ show.

As you’d imagine, we will be getting into SPOILERS for the WandaVision finale, so as always, come back after you have seen WandaVision Episode 9. Or don’t, it’s entirely your call!

WandaVision Episode 9 SPOILERS ahead




If you’ve seen WandaVision‘s finale, you know that events played out a lot more straightforward than most fans imagined. I wrote an article this week where director Matt Shakman warned fans not to expect a million surprises, that all those theories couldn’t come to fruition. Yet, what happened? You got it, fans watched the finale, then immediately went online to tell Marvel how disappointed they are that the theories did not come true.

There are also some insiders eating humble pie today. One leaker on Reddit who had genuine information, it appears then used that power to make up fake information for the end of the show, ouch. Maybe it becomes addictive and the temptation to make things up too strong? I don’t know, but it’s silly. Yet we also had one extremely credible scooper eating their words also. In fact, because Charles Murphy is usually so solid with MCU news I believed that Doctor Strange showing up was a certainty. Yet, no Doctor Strange, which is ironic when someone accused me of spoiling WandaVision recently by mentioning the Doctor Strange rumor.

So what did happen?

WandaVision Episode 9

Wanda managed to defeat Agatha finally by using runes on her own Hex to turn the entire of Westview into a no-magic zone for Agatha. Wanda then stopped the Hex and freed all the people inside. Though make no mistake, those people are pissed off with the new Scarlet Witch. Realistically Wanda has been torturing those souls for the days/weeks she has been there. Agatha did not create the Hex, it was Wanda, all Agatha did, was sense and it put herself in it to try and find Wanda’s powers source and steal it.

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The problem, is that to free everyone from the Hex, Wanda has to essentially delete the Vision and kids she created. We see Vision disappear at the end, but is he truly gone? White Vision is still around and now has all Vision’s memories. Without the Mind Stone he is perhaps not Vision, but you could see him becoming a new version of Vision in order to stick around in the MCU. As for the kids, well they were put to bed before Wanda said goodbye to Vision, they seems to be different somehow and I’m guessing they’ll return somehow. Both actors playing Tommy and Billy were in London recently, likely for Multiverse of Madness. The, at the end we see Wanda in some kind of trance reading through the pages of the Darkhold.

It was also revealed that Skrulls had managed to infiltrate SWORD, though these appear the good guys as one assumes Monica is going to meet with Talos somewhere in space. Maybe even Nick Fury, wherever in space he is?

Why the disappointment?

Ok, the first thing I am seeing fans annoyed about is the real identity of Evan Peters characters. Peters is simply playing Ralph Bohner, not a Multiversal version of Pietro. I get it, what is the point of using the Fox actor here, if in the MCU he is just Ralph Bohner. However, fans need to remember this is not the final season of WandaVision where we need all the answers. WandaVision is a cog in a bigger MCU machine. Therefore, the Easter eggs fans were spotting could all still have relevance, just not to this show. Perhaps there are clues about what comes next in Multiverse of Madness?

What has Wanda unleashed? Is she attempting to bring her kids back using the Darkhold? Is it this which rips open the Multiverse? Maybe the first Strange knows something is wrong is when he shows up in No Way Home? However, I think a lot of fans were hoping for Al Pacino, Mephisto, Professor X and perhaps even Reed Richards. Let’s be clear, those were all reasonable theories, but they were wrong.

If WandaVision was a 5 hour movie we would never have half those theories. Thus, the expectation of a weekly show, vs a movie we consume in one chunk.

The Final Word

I enjoyed WandaVision, including the ending. I guess I see WandaVision as a transition story. It takes Wand and the White Vision to new places for the rest of the MCU. WandaVision is about Wanda becoming the Scarlet Witch, but what happens next, is anyone’s guess.

Sure, I’d have loved to see the likes of Mephisto, Nightmare, or even Reed Richards. However I think Nightmare and definitely Reed are coming eventually. Just not yet, we fans gotta be patent with this one. Overall Olsen and Bettany were great, and these were characters who outside of Infinity War were secondary characters at best. Now Wanda and are MCU stars and who knows, perhaps Wanda and the new version of Vision will become close in the future? Oh, and I’m betting that at some point Strange and Wanda are going to have to ask Agatha for help against something far worse.

What do you have to say as a post WandaVision discussion? As always leave any thoughts below.


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