– by Shockey

This Sunday on the WWE Network, Roadblock: End of the Line, a Raw exclusive special event, will air. As of this writing, there are seven matches advertised for the show. I’ll discuss the lineup for the show as well as who I think should win.

   Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship


   Roman Reigns has been in a tough spot for a while now. It’s clear based on how he’s been booked the past couple years that the WWE see moneyin his future. They want him to be the next big attraction. Yet the audience had not taken the bait, more often than not booing him out of the building. He’s not a bad performer at all in my opinion. The biggest issue I have with him is his lack of charisma. He’s boring on the mic. Not everyone has the gift of gab but for the role they want him to fill, I’d rather pour sulfuric acid in my ears than hear him talk.

   Kevin Owens has been great as the Universal Champion. He’s a great heel who really wouldn’t have to change too much if they ever decided to make him a good guy. He can have a great match with just about anyone. Add on to that his current friendship with Chris Jericho and you have the makings of a great title reign that can last until at least Wrestlemania.

   I want to see Kevin Owens win this match. Roman is already the United States champion. There’s no reason to put another title on him other than to force something on the audience that they don’t really want. With the teases of a strain in the friendship of Owens and Jericho, I just don’t see the logic in taking the title off Owens at this time.

   Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair for the Raw Women’s Championship


   Sasha and Charlotte have had a hell of a feud. They’ve done more to legitimize women’s wrestling in America than anyone else I can think of. They’ll be taking part in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match for the title.

   One issue I’ve had with their feud is the hot potato they’ve played with the title. Each of them has held the title three times since the title debuted at this past year’s Wrestlemania. Having such short reigns does nothing to add to the prestige to the title. Another issue is the fact they haven’t really featured many other women’s wrestlers in their feud apart from Bayley which does not help the legitimacy of the division. They need to put the brakes on this feud with this match and move them on to other people. I see Charlotte’s win streak on big events to continue by winning this match.

   The New Day vs Sheamus and Cesaro for the Raw Tag Team Titles


   The New Day recently made history by becoming the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history, taking over the spot from Demolition. (Funny how folks who may have records in the WWE who end up on the outs with Vince McMahon have their accomplishments erased.) What started as a way to give three guys something to do, Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods have made The New Day one of the most popular factions in recent WWE history.

   Sheamus and Cesaro are an odd pairing. After having a best of seven series end up going nowhere, someone had the bright idea of pairing the two. I don’t see any real chemistry among the two. I get the feeling that they wanted to give these two something to do after their best of seven series and thought “Hey, let’s make them a tag team!” While I like both performers on an individual basis, especially Cesaro, they need to do something with this team instead of having them be reluctant partners. What they’re doing now is not working.

   With that said, since the record has been broken, I don’t see the WWE letting The New Day continue to add too many more days to it. I fully suspect Sheamus and Cesaro to win which is sad.

   Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho


   Chris Jericho has been on a tear lately. For a guy pushing 50, he’s doing more to make himself relevant than half the roster. His pairing with his best friend Kevin Owens is one of the bright spots of the three hour Raw marathon.

   Seth Rollins is a performer in search of a character. Since being screwed by Triple H, he really hasn’t changed too much as a character which I find to be a problem. You want a character to progress, to learn from their mistakes. If they’re becoming good guys, faces, the fans need to have a reason to care and I’m just not getting that from him yet.

   This match is tough to call. Due to seeds planted between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho as well as Seth Rollins and Triple H, I can see this going two ways. We’ll either see Triple H interfere, giving Chris Jericho the victory or we’ll see Kevin Owens interfere, giving Seth Rollins a DQ victory. Since rumors are out there of Seth Rollins facing Triple H at Wrestlemania, I’ll say Chris Jericho is going to win this match.

   Rich Swann vs TJ Perkins vs The Brian Kendrick for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship


   What started out as a great series on the WWE Network with the Cruiserweight Classic has turned into a sad pathetic mess. We’re given no reason to care about any of these characters in the Cruiserweight Division. The only performer that is showing any signs of life is Brian Kendrick. If the Cruiserweight Division is going to last, we need a reason to care. This is a bathroom break match. But if I had to call it, I’ll say The Brian Kendrick regains the title.

   Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman


   When the Brand Split hit, Braun Strowman was split from the Wyatt Family and made a single’s competitor on Raw. He’s torn through numerous performers in squash matches, matches that are short and meant to showcase one performer as being an unbeatable force in the ring.

   Sami Zayn is one hell of a talent in the ring but he hasn’t found his groove on the big stage yet. Nobody doubts his ability in the ring. The big problem I see is a common theme in today’s WWE and that’s how they treat his character. He’s an old school wrestling good guy which with how the product is produced today is not a good thing. Not that he needs to emulate Steve Austin or Shawn Michaels to get over but there is no edge to him at all. If he is to make more of himself than being content with midcard status, he has to show some edge and I think this may be the match to do it. I see Sami either going the full ten minute time limit that is the main stipulation of the match or I see him actually toppling the giant. Braun Strowman is just not that over enough for me to think he has a shot at winning. But hey, they let The Great Khali win the title back in the day so I could be wrong.

   Rusev vs Big Cass in a Kickoff Show match


   Rusev bores me. Lana bores me. I hate them both and want them off my TV.

   Big Cass is actually pretty good on the mic. While he’s not ready for the main event stage just yet, he reminds me a bit of Edge when he was first starting. It will take a while but I think Big Cass has a bright future.

   With that said, I expect Big Cass to win after involvement from Enzo chasing after Lana. Hopefully this match goes by quick.