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This week’s Star Wars rumors have been dominated by the Obi-Wan Disney+ show. Of course, it was LRM who began things by revealing that Hayden Christensen has signed on to the Obi-Wan show as a regular cast member. You can chceck that report from my colleague Shockey in the related section below. However, that’s all the information we had at that time. The announcement was supposed to originally happen at Star Wars Celebration, but that is of course no cancelled.

However since our initial scoop, a few other items have come to light from outside of LRM. Firstly we had scooper Daniel Richtman post what I felt was a rather cryptic post suggesting that Darth Vader would be in the Obi-Wan show. Now, that might seem obvious given what we already reported about Hayden coming back. However, that’s not really the case. It would have been possible for Hayden to appear only in flashbacks as Anakin without Vader (in suit) appearing. Just to be clear, we did not hear anything regarding how Hayden will show up in Obi-Wan, only that it would be a significant role.  Check out Richtman’s post below, and I think you’ll agree, it’s hardly definitive.

After this some fans asked another scooper, Jordan Maison what he thought of this news from Richtman. Maison replied, “Don’t have any specifics on my end, but have heard similar.” Then he posted this on Twitter.

Now, this is Maison suggesting that the schedule for Obi-Wan is currently on track, so let me add to that a little. Specifically, what Maison mentions about creative differences. He could be referring to this post by BespinBulletin.

LRM’s Information

Obi-Wan Disney+ Show

One of the first pieces of information we got from our source here at LRM was about the Obi-Wan show. This was back when rumors began to fly that the show had been cancelled. Our source had told us not to worry, that the show had not been canned and that there was just some work still needed on scripts. Here is what Jammer wrote on this subject using our source at the time.

“So, why the rewrites? Well, it has to do with the restrictions the series is being written under. According to my source, the writers aren’t allowed to use characters Darth Maul, Boba Fett, Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, Luke, Ahsoka Tano, or Clone Troopers because of their being utilized in other projects. Furthermore, they are limited to a very specific timeline within the Star Wars canon.”

Essentially, the suggestion is that whilst Obi-Wan supposedly had completed scripts, after many other projects started to materials Lucasfilm realised that Obi-Wan needed to be changed a little. Here is what Jammer wrote about script changes from our source also in a later article.

“My source has stated that this indeed appeared to be the case. While they couldn’t comment on how many scripts were done last August, they did state there were some rewrites done. Unfortunately, those rewrites made things worse than they already were, making it necessary to take a step back and figure everything out once again.”

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After this we had a report from Variety, that Joby Harold was taking over writing duties from Hossein Amini. Now this was back in the pre-Coronavirus world, as were all our initial reports. So when Maison reports there are no ‘new creative differences’, I’m pretty sure he is referring to all the content we already covered above. I mention this because a lot of fans on Maison’s Twitter feed are asking what these creative differences were? It is also worth noting that our source only came forward with the initial report Hayden was in talks after the Joby Harold story. One could assume, that the idea for Hayden returning came from this new scripting process? However, that is just an assumption on my part and I have no details from our source to back that assertion up.

So there you have it, the Obi-Wan Disney+ show is still on track, but scripts weren’t complete back in April. Let’s face it, that’s not particularly worrying. Virtually every MCU films starts production whilst the writers are still tinkering with the scripts. If you don’t buy that, then speak to Mr Feige. It was feige who talked about Marvel developing a script right up until release and through reshoots etc.

So as far as we here at LRM know, everything is good with the Obi-Wan Disney+ show. And it looks as though Jordan Maison heard similar details. Tell us what you think in the usual spot below.

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SOURCE: Jordan Maison,  Daniel Richtman (via Twitter), BespinBulletin (via Instagram)

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