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Amazingly it is very rare for Disney to release a sequel to one of their original animated movies into theaters. Whilst there have been countless sequels to many of their animated movies made direct for TV, if you take out the Pixar movies, how many have there really been in theaters?

So when Wreck-it Ralph first hit cinema screens it was hardly expected that this would spawn a sequel and as such the story did feel complete at the end of that first movie. Of course, we now know that Ralph Breaks the Internet is due for release on November 30th and LRM‘s own Nancia Tapia managed to catch up with directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston (with Johnston increasing his role from co-writer in the first film to co-writer and co-director).

Nancy asked the pair if they ever envisioned a sequel whilst making Wreck-it Ralph.


“Not originally. We loved how the first one wrapped up, it felt like, ‘it’s perfect’, it kind of buttons up really nice. Ralph didn’t have any friends, he’s going off trying to be something he’s not to try and earn the respect of his community. But he finally makes a friend because he’s finally kind of embraced himself. The last line of the first movie was, you know, ‘if that little kid likes me, how bad can I be?’ It’s like, where do we go from there? How do you tell more emotional stories with a guy that seems very well put together.

But then we thought, well actually, that last line is very dysfunctional if you look at it because he’s still defining himself through what his best friend thinks, and even though she loves him and she’s probably not going to hurt his feelings, well what happens if she doesn’t like him? What’s that gonna do to him? That immediately told us there’s really more here to mine with these two guys.”

I suppose unless you are developing a trilogy or a story that is intended initially to span across multiple movies, then it doesn’t do you any real favours to envision how a sequel will look. For a start you have no idea how successful your movie will be, and if you do leave anything on the table for a sequel that never happens, you’d be left with a piece of work you may feel less than happy about.

So far early reactions to Ralph Breaks the Internet have been generally positive, but with a fair share of critique as well. For me, I guess this is the kind of movie I’d watch when it becomes available for home viewing with the kids rather than rush out to see it in theaters, but I did think the first movie was better than I had expected it to be.

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Are you excited to see Ralph Breaks the Internet in theaters, do you think it can live up to the original movie? Sound off as always in the comments section below.

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