– by Campbell Clark

Who knows at this point what Matt Reeves Batman movie will be about and when it will arrive? The film is currently tentatively titled The Batman, though it seems like this is just a working name now. We have heard rumors that Matt Reeves movie will feature a younger version of Batman now that Ben Affleck has left the role and we have also heard that the movie will feature multiple villains. But it currently looks like the movie won’t begin filming until perhaps next year, so it could be a while yet before we get any solid details.

Casting decisions would be pure guesswork at this point as we simply don’t have enough information on that front (rumors aside), but one person that has thrown their hat in the ring for role in the movie is Oscar-winning actor Ralph Fiennes. Fiennes has already played Alfred’s voice in The Lego Batman Movie and was asked by HeyUGuys whether he would be interested in playing the live-action version of the role in Matt Reeves upcoming flick.

“Yes, yes. I’d love to play Alfred. A lot of good people have gone before me, so I’d be happy to follow in their footsteps.”

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To be fair Fiennes is probably around the perfect age to play Alfred if Matt Reeves is indeed going younger with the character again. Jeremy Irons who is in his 70’s most recently played the role, but that was for a Batman in his 40’s as played by Ben Affleck. Fiennes at 56 may well be the perfect age to play the Alfred to a 20 something version of Bruce Wayne. I am pretty sure if Matt Reeves hears this, he is going to be contacting Fiennes agent, because I can’t think of anyone better suited to playing the friend and mentor of Bruce Wayne. Fiennes always delivers and has a screen presence not many actors can match.

What do you think of Ralph Fiennes as Alfred, does this sound as appealing to you as it does me? Sound off below in the Chatcave as always.

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