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Cyborg aka Victor Stone is known by a lot of fans as a member of the Teen Titans, but when DC’s The New 52 launched in 2011 he was added as a member of the Justice League. Besides Aquaman (he does more than just talk to fish), the other Justice League members have had a lot of screen time on television and film to show off their abilities that audiences will be able to see in Justice League next month. The same cannot be said for the former football star turned half man half machine. But thanks to a recent interview with Fortress of Solitude, Ray Fisher gives us some information about his character’s abilities:

“Due to the technology used to create Cyborg, his powers are ever-evolving. They include: the ability to interface with anything technological, flight, super-strength, hologram projection and a sophisticated weapon’s system … the list goes on! He has powers within him that even he isn’t yet aware of. Cyborg doesn’t need to eat or sleep, and whenever he encounters an issue that he’s not initially equipped to handle, his technology can transmogrify and immediately adapt to that situation.”


As we can see, Cyborg is going to be bringing a lot to the Justice League team. One of his most recognizable ablities is his ability to connect with any piece of technology. It will be interesting to see see his different abilities during the film as well as how his connection to the Mother Box affects the battle against Steppenwolf and the Parademons. One other aspect of his character that looks like they will explore is his struggle with his identity as a man and a machine.

According to Fisher this is how we will meet his character:

“When we meet Victor Stone in this film, he’s been transformed into Cyborg for almost a year. He has been keeping himself in complete isolation as he attempts to deal with everything he’s lost: his body, his mother, and the life he once knew. On top of that, he must figure out who and what he is, now that he’s been transformed into a ‘monster’ by his all-too-absent father.”

With the introduction of so many characters including Aquaman and The Flash it will be though to get too deep into Victor Stone’s backstory, but it looks like they are going to try and cover the basics. Something interesting about Cyborg’s abilities as described by Fisher is their similarities to another DC Comic’s character Blue Beetle aka Jaime Reyes. Although his powers come from an alien exoskeleton, his suit also has the ability to react even before Jaime does as well as most of the other abilities mentioned by Fisher, this was also noticed by CinemaBlend.

As a fan of DC Comics I am very excited to see Cyborg on the big screen. Hopefully Warner Bros. take on the character is good enough so we can see more of him in future films. What are your expectations for Cyborg? Let us know below!

Warner Brothers Picture’s Justice League saves the world November 17, 2017.

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Source: CinemaBlend, Fortress of Solitude