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Back when Paul Feig was announced as the director of a new, female-centric Ghostbusters remake, people instantly began looking at his Bridesmaids cast when trying to figure out who he was gonna call. It now looks like the folks that thought along those lines weren’t that far off. Rebel Wilson, who appeared in the 2011 comedy hit, has just revealed that she took a meeting with Feig about the project.

Look, I have had a meeting, but who knows?” Wilson told Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today. “They have to look at the script when it’s finished,” the actress cautioned. But despite not being exactly sure if all the chips will fall into place once the script is done, she couldn’t contain her excitement about the possibility. When asked if she was ready for a truck full of money to pull in should she be cast in the film, Wilson declared, “I would even do that without the money truck. I’d do that for free. I probably shouldn’t say that live on TV.”

Wilson will next be seen in Night At The Museum: Secret of The Tomb, and will also appear in the sequel to her other notable hit, Pitch Perfect, when that comes out in 2015.

What do you think? Is Feig on the right track with Wilson?

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter