– by Joseph Jammer Medina

While 2015’s Jurassic World managed to break the bank at the box office, it still had fans poking and prodding at many of its shortcomings. Unlike that first film, the characters weren’t exactly very well-developed, the bad guys were cartoonishly evil, and there seemed to be an unfortunate emphasis of spectacle over substance.

However, if there was one aspect that was condemned most, it was Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, Claire. No, I’m not even talking about her actual character. Sure, she wasn’t perfect, but the thing most audiences had trouble with was her high heels. In one of the most climactic moments, her character outran a T-Rex. It would be unbelievable enough for anyone to outrun a T-Rex, but in high heels? Nah.

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While the subject has been debated and ultimately proven possible (if you’re Usain Bolt), the filmmakers are more than well aware of the life the moment took on. Speaking with CinePop, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom director J.A. Bayona dispelled any concerns that her character would make the same mistake.

“No, no. Definitely, she’s more prepared in this one. In the first movie it was more like she was caught by surprise. In this one, she’s totally ready and prepared for the adventure.”

And he’s right. If the trailer was any indication, Claire is decked out in hiking boots this time around and is ready to outrun anything and anything in the upcoming film.

Are you relieved that we won’t be seeing the return of the infamous high heels? Let us know down below!

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