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Of course, as exciting as each new Star Wars movie is, we all know half the fun lies in the different kinds of non-human characters we’ll get to see. As was revealed in weeks past, the big droid character to join the canon will be none other than K-2SO, voice and performance captured by actor Alan Tudyk.

Speaking with StarWars.com, Tudyk discussed further details surrounding the droid’s (who he calls Kaytoo) past, and his relationship with those around him. The character’s specific origins aren’t necessarily new — they were revealed via an EW first look some week’s back, but he also plants the details in the context of the Star Wars historical canon. He also talks about the droid’s personality in greater detail.

“Kaytoo was formerly an Imperial droid, so he used to be on the other side. He was a security droid and then Cassian, Diego Luna’s character, who owns Kaytoo, has done a memory wipe and reprograms Kaytoo to be a Rebel with the Alliance. Through that process, Kaytoo’s personality changes. I approached it as if he were freed, almost like a governor on an engine that holds the personality back. The Empire was much more of a regimented world where you’re much more forced to be in servitude of the Empire, which historically is the case. When he is reprogrammed, his personality comes out, which is a bit odd. At Star Wars Celebration Europe, they showed a little bit of a clip of him. There was no sound to it; I narrated it. You see Felicity Jones’ character hand me a bag, and she and Diego Luna’s character walk off. And I stand there holding the bag for just a moment, and I just drop it, because I’m not into holding her bag. [Laughs] C-3PO would definitely hold the bag and watch over it. Kaytoo is maybe a bit too honest. At that moment, he’s willful. It makes him a really fun character. For me, it made him much more human. I was very free to act within the confines of the script, but there were a lot of moments I could find, especially with such good actors, to express and be the unique character that Kaytoo is.”

While droids have always been a thing since the first film back in 1977, the technology used to bring those droids to life has certainly evolved quite a bit. We all know stories about how uncomfortable C-3PO Anthony Daniels was during the filming of Star Wars, and Tudyk even had a chance to catch up with him and discuss the difference in how they performed.

“I met Anthony Daniels at Star Wars Celebration Europe, who has worn an actual suit as C-3PO since the first Star Wars. He had to be screwed into it. To get out of it, it took a drill and some time. He was in the desert, as you know, and put up with a lot of harsh conditions. I was wearing stilts, which was very cool, because the character is tall. I was wearing these ILM-designed stilts that were almost a foot tall. That was my only real challenge. Anthony Daniels asked me what I wore on the shoot. He asked me if I wore a suit or if I were motion capture. I said, ‘I’m motion capturing it.’ He said, ‘You [expletive]!’ [Laughs] That was his response, because he was envious of the comfort level he knew I had wearing a Spandex body suit versus a practical costume, which by the way he still fits into. He had to get smaller at one point, because his muscles were too big. He’s a very special performer. I plan to be very large and lethargic in my 60s. [Laughs] I don’t think I’ll be wearing any stilts.”

What do you think about the details revealed about Kaytoo so far? Let us know your thoughts down below!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on December 16, 2016.

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SOURCE: StarWars.com

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