– by Stephon White

Roseanne is going to die. Five words I never thought I’d type. Apparently, her character had it coming ever since the comedian Roseanne decided to let the world know she likened Obama aide Valerie Jarrett to an ape.

I type this with a mixture of excitement and disgust. Like most Americans who ate together at the dinner table, Roseanne was a staple during my childhood. The Conners were my family too. Eating mom’s gravy drowned chops while watching Becky and Darlene’s infighting was akin to the squabbling my siblings and I did. Watching Roseanne made me feel more a part of America. Roseanne, in fact, made me feel a part of an America that did not look like I did. Sure, I had several siblings, and two hard-working parents, but we were a black family living in a town that was once practically brimming to the top filled with white people. So, we were a black American family seeing similar ideals and structures in this make-believe Conner family. Then back in 1996, the series ended, and my extended TV family moved on.

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That is until 2018 when ABC announced it would be reviving the series. Imagine my surprise when I learned that the Conner’s would be coming back to TV. As an adult, I could introduce my current family in the making to my distant TV family. Elation. It was truly a full circle moment. Then Roseanne started to speak directly to her audience via Twitter. What supreme knowledge was my distant adopted TV mom going to award to her extended family?

We all know what she said, and then the ensuing mucky muck that came as a result. So sadly, Roseanne is going to die. This serves as a lesson to us all that actors are just that, people who act. You can act nice, happy, or melancholy but that doesn’t mean that’s who they are off-screen. Then again sometimes it does. Actors are humans too. Because their job is to act, and they don’t always think in line with popular thought much like the rest of us.

Recently Roseanne had this to say about her eponymous character during an appearance on Brandon Straka’s Youtube Channel: “Oh ya, they killed her,” Barr confirmed about her character’s fate. “They have her die of an opioid overdose.”

Sadly like a lot of Americans, my TV mom died from opioids.

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