– by Campbell Clark

Avengers 4; it’s the most anticipated film of next year bar none, and May isn’t that far away now. Yet, no trailer for the movie, not even a teaser and we still don’t have a title reveal. Many rumors swirled that the trailer and therefore the title would be revealed before the year is out, which still gives us a few weeks potentially.

However, a rumor has hit the web in the last 24 hours that the trailer could be released as early as this coming Friday. Whilst I can’t speak to the reliability of the source in any way, one of SuperBroMovies writers has gone on Twitter to say that a previously reliable source has informed him that the trailer could be set to surprise us all and hit this Friday. Here is the post in question.

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Now, what do we think of this? I always choose to take the skeptical stand with all rumors as anyone who regularly reads my articles will know (I am the Grinch), so for me, I’m not getting hyped just yet. Going by previous Marvel movies, they do tend to release little teasers right before a trailer reveal. Whilst we are still only on Tuesday and something could appear tomorrow or Thursday to make sure everyone is hyping it up, it feels a little soon for me.

That being said, it is Thanksgiving weekend (not for me), and it could be seen as the best possible weekend to release a trailer and give people time away from work to digest it and share it. I guess what I am saying is that one rumor doesn’t make me convinced it will happen, (I’d need a separate source to tick off that box) but I wouldn’t be surprised because of what weekend this is.

I’d personally love to see it hit this Friday, if for nothing else just to get that damn title reveal that’s been bugging me for too long. And if it does turn out to be Avengers: Annihilation I’m just going to be so underwhelmed after all this silly secrecy (unless Annihilus is revealed, then I’ll hold my hands up).

What do you think of the rumor, can you see the Avengers 4 trailer dropping this Friday or not? Use your witty prose to annihilate our comments section below as always.

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SOURCE: DanielRPK (via Twitter)