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The Star Wars Anthology films are both a wonderful experiment and an exercise in cold feet from Lucasfilm. On one hand, the films have the potential to go in unexpected directions and really explore unknown reaches of the galaxy. They touched on this with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but not without having a firm grip on pre-existing lore.

Lucasfilm seems set to continue that trend with the Han Solo movie, by focusing the film on one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars galaxy. Apart from that, however, they really had the potential to delve into other seedier parts of the universe we hadn’t seen yet. But as with every Star Wars film, there is always speculation about Darth Vader gracing its narrative. The same rumors flew around regarding the Han Solo flick, but nothing really solid came about until now.

The folks over at That Hashtag Show have the scoop, and according to one of their sources, Darth Vader will indeed be in the Han Solo standalone flick. The source stated that there was someone on the set of the film as recently as two weeks ago, and that that someone was dressed in Darth Vader’s armor. Interestingly enough, it sounds like this someone will be different from Spencer Wilding, who was the man in the armor for Darth Vader in Rogue One.

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It’s an interesting bit of news, and you’d think that the studio would hire the same man to do the job for these movies. While That Hashtag Show generally has a good track record for this kind of thing, it does give me a bit of pause regarding the rumor’s authenticity.

Sadly, that was the only detail they divulged, and we know nothing regarding Vader’s supposed role. We have no idea how extensive it will be, or how it will play into the film.

Personally, this is an incredibly uninspired move from Lucasfilm, if true. Han Solo is someone who’s had no experience with the Force prior to meeting Luke, and to insert someone like Vader into the plot only speaks to the insecurity the studio must be feeling after switching directors for the production. Sure, it’s very possible that Han and Vader will never meet, but if that’s the case, it only seems to further highlight just how unnecessary he is to the story.

That being said, I said the same thing regarding Rogue One, and ended up LOVING Vader’s role in it, so it’ll all live or die in the execution of the thing.

What do you think? Do you want to see Vader in the Han Solo film? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: That Hashtag Show

  • RadicalAgnostic

    Vader was the best part of Rogue One.

    • Moby85

      His scene in the hallway is the single best scene in all of Star Wars. And if you read up on it, it was a last minute addition.

    • Behemothrex

      I just wish they would have left out the dialogue scenes he had, or at least manipulated Earl’s voice so he didn’t sound like a 100 year old dude. Plus it would have fit better in the cannon if he speaks for the first time in Star Wars….not counting the god damn prequels. Think how powerful his first appearance in Star Wars is if you have only seen Rogue One then watch the OT and FA. You would be like there is that mysterious bad ass, shit going to go down now!


    Of course he will

  • Kindofabigdeal

    One of my favorite Star Wars moments was when they enter the dinner room and Han see’s Vader and immediately shoots at him. I don’t think it would be a good idea to have them in any kind of a confrontation. If Vader has another sweet role where he stops a ship from taking off by using the Force then fine, but don’t do anything that would affect the canon already established.

  • Moby85

    Rogue One did show how well Vader could be used, I wanted more of him but I’ve elaborated on that elsewhere. What I want to throw out there is the impact even Vader’s small, but well-done role did in Rogue One:

    1.) New classic line “Don’t choke on your aspirations, director.”
    2.) New meme (granted said by Zombie Tarkin) “Lord Vader will handle the fleet.”
    3.) The single best scene in all of Star Wars.

    Think about the Vader hallway scene. if you’re a kid growing up who watches the series starting with episode I, your view of Vader is completely different than ours was. He’s no longer this mysterious dude in black following up on the blockade runner assault. Now he’s this malevolent force of nature, a veritable supernatural being of hellish violence. In short, future series viewers will watch episode IV in fear of what Vader could do, but with the knowledge of what he HAS done.

    It was only 30 seconds or so of violence but in retrospect the hallway scene perhaps placed the final puzzle we needed for Vader’s legacy. Sorry, lighting a lightsaber as a youngling looks at you doesn’t count (and I love Episode III).

    If used properly, he could bring a lot to the Han Solo film..

  • David Copeland

    Vader is turning into the Death Star – every Star Wars movie needs to include the major components (or what they think the major components are) of Star Wars, it seems. I’d be saddened if they can’t be more creative than this, needing to bring him back again. Star Wars fans don’t need Vader or a Death Star to be engaged in the movie – they need great characters a very good story from Far, Far Away…

  • Saranac

    Are they making up for “Noooooo!!!”

  • Behemothrex

    Why is everyone assuming he will be Vader and not Ani, maybe Han kicks his ass at a frat party while he is on one of his missions with Obi. Either way I doubt I will ever see this movie.

  • Kronx

    If Solo’s up to the type of smuggling shenanigans we’re used to seeing, then it makes sense he might run afoul of the Empire’s main enforcer. Maybe Vader was on that Stardestroyer that made Solo dump his cargo and tick off Jabba?

  • TheOct8pus

    Friggin Star Wars!! These movies take place in an intergalactic world where people can literally bounce a million miles in a matter of seconds and yet the same 5 people keep running into each other!! Come on! There must be some other villains they can come up with…

  • Victor Roa

    wait, so Larence Kasden got rid of the How I Met Your Mother guys for more cameos? Sure, vader is an iconic presence but that’s his idea of making a movie “lets put a lot of cameos on screen.”

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