– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Rumor has it that the upcoming Gambit film starring Channing Tatum won’t just be your average superhero film. According to Omega Underground co-founder Christopher M, the scuttlebutt is that Gambit will actually be a crime/heist film.

This is a genre that many fans were hoping the film would be a part of as soon as the film was first announced. After all, prior to his time with the X-Men, Remy LeBeau was a member of a thieves’ guild, so seeing his time there would be an interesting origin tale to tell.

It was recently revealed that Gambit — which has been in development for years — finally has a release date of February 2019, meaning that we can likely expect production to start around the same time next year.

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Around 2015, Gambit was pegged as $150 million film, but as Deadpool drew near, it was clear that Fox would be able to get a lot of profit from the character without having to break the bank. According to earlier statements from Channing Tatum, they essentially decided to start over at that point, making what’s likely a much more low-key film that’s in better service of the character.

Does the idea of a crime/heist Gambit film get you any more excited? let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Christopher M

  • Kindofabigdeal

    So much for our Dead Morlock story. 🙁
    Assassins vs Thieves: Da Movie.

  • suckit15694

    when did he do a heist in the comic book ? why not a story from the source ?

  • Fallout Boy!

    Look at all the dead Westerns, movies, books, TV shows. They burned it out by making the same thing over and over again. Same thing will happen to the Superheroes. New effects won’t save them. Even good writing will only go so far. Audiences are WAY more in tune with tropes now and jaded as hell. Hell, I’ve got about 7,000 comics in vault, all worth something, but even I’m getting sick of stuff. Luke Cage was a hip hop disappointment, Jessica is ugly and tiresome, and can you believe it, they actually managed to fuck up Iron Fist. DD is okay, but my God his hat SUCKS.

    The DC stuff is going to tank. Marvel movies are crushing it, but Spidey was WAY too PC for it’s own good. Marvel is going to be the high-water mark for this genre, but even still, it will burn itself out.
    If they transition Iron Man to a black teen chick with an afro, you’ll know they’ve jumped the shark.

    • John Revenant

      You jumped the very first shark with your petty, childish little opinions. Man up, woman.

      • Fallout Boy!

        The diff is I actually say shit about the topics…numbnuts like yourself are two-line snark-vendors who type with 1 finger while the other rests firmly up your keester. All this in yer mum’s basement, no less, most likely with her knickers over your head. Absurdity? Improbability? Fuck, just the fact that you’re alive is evidence that the ape caught up with your mother…

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