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Most fans and critics seem to agree that Batman was one of the best things to come out of the recent BATMAN v SUPERMAN film. Ben Affleck managed to bring us the scariest, most demented Batman ever realized on the big screen, and considering how well received he was, it’s great that DC and WB had already thrown him into the next film in their cinematic universe, SUICIDE SQUAD.

The biggest question going into practically any film set in a shared universe is how much time a certain character will have on screen. In this instance, fans are wondering how extensive Batman’s involvement will be in the movie, and who he will interact with. Given DC and WB’s track record, will they make the entire premise rest on Batman’s shoulders, or will they have the confidence to trudge forth down a new path? Sounds like the latter may, in fact, be the case. Batman-News has the scoop.

According to the outlet, if you’ve seen both trailers, chances are you have a pretty good idea about how much interaction the Bat has in the film, and that it is indeed a cameo performance with a few small scenes. First off, the rumor states that Batman will NOT have a scene with all of the Suicide Squad, but will have a single, emotional scene set in the present day with Will Smith’s Deadshot. While both Batman and Joker are in the film, apparently, the two do not share a scene either, and the shots we’ve seen of Batman on the Clown Prince of Crime’s car ends with the car plunging into the water, and Batman saving Harley Quinn — which we’ve seen a shot of in the trailer.

Lastly, Batman will have a flashback scene with Deadshot, though the details of that are nonexistent at this moment.

So there you have it. In all, it sounds like Batman will participate in around three set pieces in the film, but that his overall involvement will be pretty minimal in the grand scheme of things. As a fan, I find myself torn. While I do appreciate their confidence in keeping Batman’s involvement minimal, I have to wonder why it was needed at all, if his role is to be as small as indicated. Here’s hoping that if this rumor is true, that Batman’s role isn’t just shoehorned for fan service’s sake and that it has some emotional importance to the picture.

What do you think about this rumor? Do you think Batman will have a bigger role than reported, or does this about fit the bill for your expectations?

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SOURCE: Batman-News

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