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Bad news bat-fans, Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie likely won’t begin production until 2019, at the earliest. DC Films is currently juggling a bunch of projects — Aquaman, Shazam, Wonder Woman 2, Scorsese’s Joker origin — which are all lined-up ahead of Batman. And let’s not forget about Suicide Squad 2, Flashpoint, Lobo, Ava DuVernay’s New Gods, and Chris McKay’s Nightwing (among several other announced movies), which are still sitting somewhere on their slate.

Regardless of what you think about DC Films’ recent projects, you have to admire their commitment to getting every viable (and some not so viable) DC superhero onto the big screen. The big question: why are they so aggressive to promote and develop other movies when their biggest solo property is stuck in development purgatory?

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Consequently, the release date for The Batman will be delayed until sometime in 2020 or (more likely) 2021. If true, that would be almost a decade between stand-alone Batman movies (The Dark Knight Rises came out in 2012). However, Reeves has written his core Batman story and is in the process of outlining it, according to Heroic Hollywood. So, there’s some positive progress to report.

Of course, many fans fear that Reeves will bail on the project altogether. His 6th and Idaho production company signed an open-ended, multiyear deal with Netflix in January, where he can make pretty much whatever movie or show he wants for the streaming service. Additionally, the longer it takes to get The Batman in front of cameras the greater the likelihood that Ben Affleck won’t be a part of it. Rumors swirl around names like Gyllenhaal and Hamm to replace him, but nothing concrete on that front (yet).

The Batman project continues to feel shaky and uncertain, even though everyone knows it’s going to happen… eventually.

In other words, DC Films can’t align the stars enough to get this movie onto the starting line. Of all the weird and confusing problems at DC Films over the last few years, the strange tale of Reeves and Affleck’s The Batman movie is the hardest to comprehend.

Are you worried that Reeves’ The Batman movie is in trouble or just slowing things down to ensure it’s the best Batman movie ever? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Heroic Hollywood

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