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For some time now, since the most recent round of BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE test screenings took place, there’s been talk of some concern over at Warner Bros about the state of its DC franchise. Several sites, including our own, have reported that the general response was that the film would likely play well with anyone who enjoyed MAN OF STEEL, it didn’t have the kind of broad appeal that the studio might have been hoping for in order to bring in more casual fans. 

Birth Movies Death has published a report that implies that WB has been working on this issue for some time. While there was little to be done about BvS since the film was more or less complete and about to open- and couldn’t suffer another delay- they decided to turn their attention towards the next DC release, SUICIDE SQUAD. Their first attempt at pivoting the tone of the film a bit was via its marketing campaign. The most recent trailer, set to Queen’s legendary song “Bohemian Rhapsody,” was very darkly comedic, and downright playful in tone. 

Problem is, for WB at least, those were the only such moments in the entire film. They crammed them all into that single trailer. 

But that was only Step One. Step Two is far more grand.  

According to the site, WB has brought the SUICIDE SQUAD production team back together to do extensive reshoots. We’re talking millions of dollars worth of reshoots, with the aim of adding more humor and levity to the film. These are not your typical round of pick-ups, folks.  

While these shoots were set in motion before BvS even arrived in theaters, it’s likely that Warner Bros was prepared for the kind of response that film was going to get, and they wanted to preemptivly get a handle on it.  

As it stands, BvS is getting hammered by critics, and a vocal segment of fans who’ve gone to aggregate sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb to give the film middling reviews, for not being any fun to sit through. While the film is making tons of money, it also faces steep declines and the perception is that those are due to poor word of mouth. 

While the film’s fans are all too happy to see it again, and Fandango has reported that it’s getting plenty of return business, it brings us back to the original concern:

While the somewhat insular audience that loved MAN OF STEEL is showing up in droves and seeing BvS repeatedly, the film isn’t attracting enough new business or generating the kind of broad appeal the studio had hoped for. 

As of now, this can only be classified as a rumor. Birth Death Movies has a solid track record, but we won’t know for sure until either A. Another outlet, or studio rep, substantiates it, or B. We see SUICIDE SQUAD for ourselves in August and witness something far more lighthearted than anything else we’ve glimpsed from the DCEU. 

We’ll see. 

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SOURCE: Birth Movies Death

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