– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Warner Bros. and DC’s Birds of Prey seems to be gaining some real momentum. When we last heard, Harley Quinn’s main gang had been cast and the main villain of the flick was being narrowed down. But if there is stuff going on in Gotham City, we can’t help but wonder…where is Batman? In a world where Batman exists — and apparently has existed for decades — how can whatever’s doing on actually continue to go on without him paying the baddies a visit?

Some fans have been asking that question online. While we can’t take this as anything more than a rumor, Daniel R (writer for SuperBroMovies) has stated that this is something that was addressed in the script:

“From what I understand there is a line in the script that someone mention how no one has seen Batman in Gotham for two years and that’s about it. He’s probably with The League or maybe they’ll answer it in his solo movie somehow 🤷‍♂️”

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Now, this doesn’t necessarily tell us where Batman was, but it at least seems to be addressing said question, which isn’t something that can be said about most movies set in shared universes. But this only brings in more questions for many fans.

Where is Batman? Why has he been gone for two years? When last we saw him, he was helping put together the Justice League in Wayne Manor, so there’s no noticeable reason why he wouldn’t be around. As Daniel R pointed out, this could be answered in the solo film, but if not, what will the reason be?

Assuming this is true, what’s a good reason for Batman to be gone for a couple years? Let us know your theories down below!

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SOURCE: Daniel R

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