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Sounds like Brad Peyton is ready to get his Roland Emmerich on with San Andreas. The film is set to depict “the largest earthquake ever recorded would look like, all in a highly populated area,” according to the director. And who will be running around all this chaos, saving lives and being Mr. Action Hero? Dwayne Johnson, who promises the film “has big stakes. It’s entertaining and also has heart.

USA Today gives us a sneak peak at the film with a couple of new photos, and two glimpses behind-the-scenes:

Johnson plays Ray, a helicopter rescue pilot who is in the air talking to his ex-wife, Emma (Carla Gugino), on the phone when the Big One finally hits and levels Los Angeles. As the traumatic events ripple across the West Coast with power outages, crumbling skyscrapers and even a tsunami, Ray and Emma work their way to San Francisco to save their daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario).”

[Synopsis Courtesy of USA TODAY]

It all goes down. The damage, destruction, the loss of lives,” says Johnson, of the scale of what will be shown. “Everything that you know on the West Coast doesn’t see tomorrow.”Johnson says that working on the film gave him a real sense of respect for the damage an earthquake can do. “The most incredible thing I found out doing the research was just how overdue for a massive earthquake we are. Like 100 years overdue. It’s incredible, and scary as hell,” the actor said. “Now we have multiple earthquake kits at home. And when you realize the magnitude of this, you go home grateful for the days you have,” he added. “It gives you a different perspective. It makes you stop and think that there’s no beating Mother Nature. She’s the toughest mama around.

San Andreas is set to come out on May 29, 2015. This will be Johnson’s second collaboration with Peyton, after the two worked on Journey 2 together.