Shocking Old Obi-Wan Kenobi Script Details Revealed

Obi-Wan Script Details

Today we have some shocking Obi-Wan Kenobi script details. According to rock solid source WGTC, the Obi Wan Kenobi show we know and await was actually once called Kenobi & Lars: One Night in Mos Eisley!

According to the bastions of online credibility, the show would have been an adult comedy showing how Obi-Wan and Owen Lars went from being kinda friends to having a massive fall out. Owen decided he needed to break the ice with Obi-Wan and took him to the Sin City of the GFFA, Mos Eisley. Owen persuades Obi-Wan to let loose for the night and spikes the Jedi master’s drink with Spice. One of the actual scenes was even listed.

Obi-Wan, high as a kite walks into a seedy bar and goes up to a fellow patron. 

OW: “Do you have any Deathsticks?”

Patron: “You don’t want me to sell you any Deathsticks”.

Obi-Wan summons the classic Force mind trick and waves his hand around

OW: You want to sell me Deathsticks, so I can get high and rethink my life.”

As the series went on, Owen would have to try his best to stop Obi-Wan getting himself killed or worse revealing who he is. By the end the friendship would have broken down completely. That’s why Owen tells Luke that Obi-Wan is just a crazy old wizard. Owen is worried that Obi-Wan may tell Luke exactly what his Uncle got up to that One Night In Mos Eisley.

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I just don’t think some fans would accepted this bold approach to story telling. Though, I’m sure sequel trilogy fans would have embraced it as a refreshing new path for Star Wars to venture. Then they would tell those who liked it they were prejudiced against comedy, and that they are not true Star Wars fans.

Thankfully, according to the amazing source, this was nipped in the bud by Kevin Fiege. A Feige who apparently is actually running all of Disney now with Bon Chapek as his front man. Fiege seemingly got on a skateboard and managed to make it to the studio seconds before Krazy Kathy was ready to start the shoot. Fiege then rewrote the script, in minutes. After that he exorcized the demons within Kathy Kennedy, who finally came back to her senses and immediately said J.J. Abrams was Mephisto. Yes it was Abrams All Along! Abrams was the literal Devil trying to divide the Star Wars fan base and begin a war.

Thank Thor for Kevin Feige, that’s all I can say. What do you think of these frankly shocking old Obi-Wan Kenobi script details. Did you know Abrams was really Mephisto this whole time? As always leave your thoughts below.

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