Showrunner Answers Big Questions About Star Trek: Picard Season 2

Star Trek: Picard Season 2

Star Trek: Picard Season 2

With Season 1 of over, Michael Chabon answers some questions about Star Trek: Picard Season 2. The showrunner of Season 1 is not actually going to be running Season 2, though he will still be on writing duties. Up until this week there had been almost no talk of a Season 2 for Picard, but that finale made it perfectly clear Picard would get a Season 2.

Chabon recently participated in a Q&A hosted by Chabon answered a lot of questions about Picard Season 1, feel free to take a gander at the full Q&A on the link below. However, Chabon was also asked some Season 2 questions and here’s what he said about Picard’s future.

Picard Season 2

Q: Will s2 go deeper into the Romulan rescue mission?

A: In a way.

Q: Does Jurati get away scot-free for the Bruce Maddox murder? Seems like she was going to get arrested.

A: Well, I mean, in fairness she hasn’t had a chance to turn herself in, yet.

Q: Will Jurati face legal punishment for the murder of Maddox?

A: She will put herself in the hands of the law.

Q: Will there be push back by Federation citizens to the lift of the synth ban?

A: Of course, there will be some, but hopefully, the will to acknowledge their failure and make reparation will predominate most enlightened citizens.

Q: What’s the Federation plan on doing about Oh? Surely Romulan government can’t go unpunished for that?

A: Why so punitive? The Federation is not Yahweh.

Q: Can we hope for the [Seven/Raffi] relationship to be explored in S2?

A: Yes.

Season 2 cast and cameos

Star Trek: Picard Season 2

Q: Will [Seven] stay on the crew next season?

A: I want to say yes, but people keep telling me not to. So no.

Q: Is Seven part of the crew, now?

A: We don’t have a crew, per see; we have a cast of characters, an ensemble.

Q: Will there be more of Laris in season two?

A: Surely.

Q: Will the crew be picking up [Laris] and Zhaban in season two? We need more of those two!

A: We do, indeed

Q: Will we see cameos from TNG, DS9, and Voyager in season two? I would love to see Janeway!

A: I know, I know.

Q: If you could bring two Deep Space 9 characters aboard the La Sirena which two and why?

A: I’d love to check in on Garek and Bashir, they’re always so much fun to hang out with.

Q: Any chance of some more Andorians in season 2?

A: Who doesn’t love Andorians?

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Interesting. Reading between the lines I’d say Seven is definitely coming back as a regular, but they don’t want it known. Or alternatively, that actress Jeri Ryan hasn’t actually signed on yet? Fans thought there was a hint of romance between Seven and Raffi. Apparently, that will be explored further in Season 2. Oh, and the Romulan rescue mission is of course the reason Jean Luc Picard left Starfleet active duty. Perhaps, despite the lifting of the ban on Synths, Picard is still not happy to cozy back up to Starfleet?

I’m not sure where they go next for Star Trek: Picard? I’ve already written about my concern the writers will have to find reasons to keep Picard away from Starfleet. My concern is how that limits the possible narrative possibilities of where Season 2 could go. However, I really enjoyed Star Trek: Picard, so eager to see where Season 2 takes us, no matter how they decide to proceed.

What do you think of Chabon’s answers for Star Trek: Picard Season 2? Share your thoughts on where you would like to see Picard go next in the usual spot.

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