– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is usually one steady-ass rock. The films are generally pretty darn good, and their timeline — while occasionally convoluted — is pretty easy to follow. We know where each film stands in relation to another, and understand the space they occupy in the same universe. And then Sony got into the mix, and things got a little bit interesting. Spider-Man joined the MCU, and off to the side, the studio announced the development of a Venom film and a Silver Sable and Black Cat film titled Silver & Black.

At first, it seemed distinctly clear (albeit a bit annoying) that the Venom universe would be off in its own little playing field. However, with the recent statement from Amy Pascal, the head at Sony Pictures, it seems like it may not be as clear cut as that, with the VenomVerse somehow also existing in the MCU off to the side.

Regardless of any confusion, it sounds like Venom and Silver & Black are happening. While I’m still not sure if those two have the recognizability to lead their own film, the director the the upcoming flick, Gina Prince-Blythewood (Love and Basketball, The Secret Life of Bees), seems incredibly passionate about it, and it’s admittedly made me a bit more interested in seeing what it can offer.

Speaking with Vulture, Prince-Blythewood said:

“The strange thing is, I knew I was the best person for this. Normally I get nervous regardless of what it is when I go into a meeting but with this, I saw the movie in my head as I was reading it, and it’s an exciting thing as a director when you know what you want to do with it. I was able to be so specific, so it was exciting in those meetings because everything I was talking about, they loved. We were feeding off each other.”

In fact, she was so passionate that Silver & Black diverted her attention from another project, which she had originally planned on taking before jumping into the comic book flick. She is currently in the midst of revisions and hopes to cast very soon so that they can make a fall production date.

She continued:

“I go to bed thinking about it, I wake up thinking about it, and during the day, I have my notebook where I’m jotting down ideas and visuals and music. It’s so up my alley in terms of these two female characters and who they are and what they’re about. It’s the perfect way for me to dive into the Marvel universe, to focus on these two women who I really respect and can’t wait to bring to life.”

While I may not be thrilled by the characters they hope to bring to the forefront, I am interested to see what Prince-Blythewood’s passion brings to the project. Perhaps we’ll see something truly unique in that movie that we didn’t see coming.

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SOURCE: Vulture

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