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Man, Simon Pegg does seem like he’s been throwing a lot of cold water lately. First, he discussed how bad marketing ruined Star Trek Beyond, then he talked about how he’s not sure his Tarantino’s Trek film will be rated R, and now he’s saying he doesn’t think Tarantino won’t be directing the film at all.

“I don’t think Quentin is going to direct it,” Pegg told The Playlist. “Because he’s got his California movie [Once Upon A Time In Hollywood] to do and then I think only doing one more film after that. And I doubt, I don’t think he could get around to directing a Star Trek in two-three years.”

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Okay, I’ll admit that his logic isn’t exactly broken in this instance. Tarantino has said repeatedly that he’ll stop at 10 films. Plus, we know he’ll be spending the next year-and-a-half on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and by the time he’s done with that, he’ll only have one film on his slate left, right?

Well, that’s where I think a bit of fudging is in the cards. Tarantino seems like a guy who’s willing to fudge some things when it suits him. Yes, he said 10 films was his limit, but that only accounts for films he’s been involved with as both director and writer. I can see him wanting to direct Trek, and have it not count towards the 10, as he was not involved in the process from beginning to end.

But of course, that’s all wishful thinking, and if Tarantino is dead-set on stopping at 10, I’m not sure I’d even want Trek to be his last one.

What do you think? Will Tarantino direct Star Trek, and if so, would you be okay with it being his last movie? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: The Playlist

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