– by Shockey


Smackdown Live is in the books. The Blue Brand of the WWE builds toward the Royal Rumble on January 29th, 2017. What is the current state of Smackdown?

  In a bad, bad state. This episode saw the WWE bringing Renee Young being brought into a WWE storyline thanks to her off screen romance with Dean Ambrose. While some of the best stories from wrestling’s past have had elements of truth mixed in, I hate the fact they go to that well whenever they want to make something feel edgy. Renee Young is great in her role. I enjoy her role as host of the big event pre shows as well as the host of Talking Smack on the WWE Network. To inject her into a story smacks of desperation. Let Dean Ambrose and The Miz find anything to squabble over anything else. Their love interests should be left out of it, especially if their inclusion in the story will hurt their long term role in the company.

  I hate when WWE does this. You want your bad guys to look unstoppable. If they get beat, there has to be a logical reason for it. When that reason is the bad guy in question decided he’d rather ignore the ten count and continue beating his opponent, despite the fact that winning the match would give him a solo shot against the champion, you make the guy look stupid. It could have been something as simply as Baron beating Dolph to the ground, the count gets to nine, and just as Baron tries getting back in the ring to win by count out, Dolph grabs his leg causing the double count out.

  I love the WWE. I really do. Yet when they make juvenile mistakes like this, it makes you question why you watch. This was a disappointing episode of Smackdown. Not every episode will be a winner with the sheer amount of content they produce but this could have been so much better.