– by Joseph Jammer Medina

So I’m very late to the dance on this one. This actually surfaced on the net late last week when Jammer and I were hard at work on things like The Affleck Dossier and Dear Ben Affleck (which, if you haven’t checked out, click on them now! You can choose between Video or Text). This morning something came across my desk that got me very excited, as the Superman-obsessive that I am, about Justice League.

Last week, Justice League director Zack Snyder posted this mysterious image on his Vero social media account:

Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, who play Jonathan and Martha Kent in the DC Extended Universe, posing for a photo for Zack Snyder.

Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, who play Jonathan and Martha Kent in the DC Extended Universe, posing for a photo for Zack Snyder.

What’s notable about the photo? Well, according to the good folks over at Superman Homepage, the clothes that Kevin Costner and Diane Lane are wearing here don’t match those seen in Man of Steel or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It gives the impression that Snyder posted this picture because he brought Costner and Lane in for a flashback sequence in Justice League. Not altogether surprising that he’d include them, since both appeared in Dawn of Justice despite one of them being dead. So they’re clearly an important part of the DCEU mythos.

What is surprising is the year on the boards they’re holding. 


What’s important about that year? Some have speculated it’s a reference to the year they found baby Kal-El, and that there’d be a flashback to that moment. I can definitively say that theory is wrong, since Clark would’ve been 12 in 1992 in the DCEU timeline. It’s more likely a simple flashback that’ll be a part of Superman’s return from the “death” we saw at the end of Dawn of Justice, but what I find so cool about the year chosen is that 1992 is the year that the legendary “Death of Superman” occurred in DC Comics. 

Say what you will about Snyder and his directing style, but no one could ever accuse the man of not knowing his comic books. Including a subtle reference to the year that this famous storyline swept the world, while incorporating its elements into Justice League, is a magnificently subtle easter egg for longtime Superman fans. 

Almost makes you wonder what other nods to that storyline he’s included in Justice League. I guess we’ll have to wait until the film comes out on November 17 to see.

What do you think? Is this from Justice League, or are the folks at Superman Homepage wrong and the Kents were seen in these outfits in Man of Steel? If you agree with the idea that this is from Justice League, what do you think Snyder has Costner and Lane doing in their flashback? There’s been lots of criticism levied at the portrayal of the Kents so far. Maybe a scene has been written that shows them in a more favorable light? Sound off! Let’s talk about this in the Comments.

SOURCE: Superman Homepage

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