– by Joseph Jammer Medina

I dreaded the idea of a Han Solo origin story. This is a character that has been in the public eye for decades and decades, and so wonderfully portrayed by Harrison Ford. It seemed like virtually a no-win situation for all involved.

More than anything, I dreaded the film being a series of events pulled from the conversations regarding Han Solo in the original films. From the get-go, I felt like we’d get a few things: Han meeting Chewie, Han meeting Lando, Han getting the Millennium Falcon, and Han pulling off the Kessel Run. When the trailer seemed to reveal that that’s exactly what we’d be getting.

I remember thinking, “Ah, man, I don’t want to see the Kessel Run.”

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Apparently, I wasn’t alone, and when Solo: A Star Wars Story co-writer Lawrence Kasdan told his son and co-writer Jon Kasdan about it, Jon wasn’t too thrilled. Here’s what he said to The Los Angeles Times:

“When he said that, I said ‘Really, do we have to?’ Because it’s such a complicated bit of logic, and solving it was really challenging. We spent a lot of time arguing about how it could work [and how] the language of what [Han] says in that one scene shot years ago that you know George [Lucas] was just sitting there thinking, This sounds cool: ‘I did it in 12 parsecs’ — could be flushed out into a fully fledged coherent sequence that was satisfying and fun. I’m thrilled with how it came out, but it was one of the daunting elements of this always.”

I’ve said on multiple occasions already, but the film ended up having all the elements I didn’t want, but at the end of the day, it was executed well enough that I had a good time in the movie. More than that, the Kessel Run itself managed to be a lot of fun, despite me not wanting to see it happen.

Is the Kessel Run something you actually wanted to see? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: The Los Angeles Times

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