– by Emmanuel Gomez

   This week on the 9 Panel Grid segment “Splash Page” Jace and Manny spotlight the writer and artist Jeff Lemire. Who is currently working on titles like “Bloodshot USA” (Valiant), Descender (Image), “Moonknight” (Marvel) and “IVX” (Marvel). On our Top 5 for today we list our favorite X-Men characters. We wrap up the episode previewing the books of the week.

Splash Page

Spotlight on Jeff Lemire

  1. Spotlight on Jeff Lemire

    1. Sweet Tooth

    2. Animal Man, Frankenstein, Justice League Dark, Green Arrow

    3. The Valiant, Bloodshot Reborn, Bloodshot USA

    4. Black Hammer, Descender, Plutona, AD

    5. Old Man Logan, Extraordinary X-Men, All-New Hawkeye, IvX, Thanos, Moon Knight

  2. Top Five X-Men Favorite Characters

    1. Jace

      1. Havok

      2. Polaris

      3. Mimic

      4. Omega Red

      5. Maverick

    2. Manny

      1. 1 Gambit

      2. 2 The Juggernaut

      3. 3 Apokalypse

      4. 4 Storm

      5. 5 Mister Sinister

  3. Upcoming Books for 1-11