– by Mark Cook

If you were a fan of Daniel Day-Lewis’ movie Lincoln, then you are in luck.  The master director, Steven Spielberg, is looking to helm a new movie exploring the biography of Ulysses S. Grant based off of Ron Chernow’s work, Grant. Who does Spielberg want for the lead role?  None other than the wonderful Leonardo DiCaprio.  The two formerly worked together one Catch Me If You Can.

This has all of the makings for a huge success.  All know Spielberg and DiCaprio (unless you live under a rock), and many will know of Chernow as well.  The author won a Pulitzer Prize for his bio. on Alexander Hamilton.  Kind of a big deal.  With this kind of star power, how can’t this be successful?

What’s more interesting to me about this is that Grant was an extremely misunderstood individual.  He battled mental illnesses during a time when such illnesses were not studied.  He was a brilliant tactician, but didn’t fit the mold that many thought a president should.  I feel that DiCaprio would be great in exploring such a role.

Now there is no release date for the film while Spielberg and DiCaprio are still in talks for the Lionsgate film.

What are your thoughts for an all-star portrayal of Ulysses S. Grant?  Do you think the two busy individuals can find time to pull off the movie?

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Source: SlashFilm.com