– by Emmanuel Gomez

   For this week’s Splash Page segment we have an AWESOME episode lined up for you. We spotlight Top Cow Productions Inc.‘s comic book titled Eclipse. For this discussion we have a special guest who may know a little bit about the book, the writer for Eclipse Zack Kaplan! Last fall Eclipse was released as a mini-series and since has been bumped up to an on-going series. It’s a fantastic book that we highly recommend. Issue #5 (the start of the second arc) will be released tomorrow March 15th. While listening to the podcast check out some of the amazing preview pages drawn by Giovanni Timpano and colored by Flavio Dispenza. 

9 Panel Grid

Splash Page

Spotlight on Eclipse

Intro of Zack

  1. Brief overview of Eclipse

    1. Volume 1

      1. Story

      2. Setting

      3. Establishing characters

    2. Volume 2

      1. Moving the Story Forward

      2. Enlarging Scope of the World

      3. Growth of Characters Balanced with Action

  2. Themes

    1. Disaster – ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances

    2. Humanity – Rise above or Devolve

    3. Morality vs Survival

  3. Future Plans for Eclipse

  4. Upcoming Books for March 15th