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Last year was a great year for horror fans. Between such films as Lights Out, Don’t Breathe, and Split, movie fans were reminded of the amazing impact a well told low-key horror flick can have. Additionally, it’s been a great couple years for M. Night Shyamalan, and the chops he brings to that genre. He first made his mark with one of his early films, The Sixth Sense, and before long, critics began to refer to him as the next Spielberg. We all know what happened next. He suffered a fall from grace that lasted over the course of several films — some so bad, that some wondered where all the promise went.

In 2015, he brought audiences The Visit, a solid found footage-type film that many saw as a trend in the right direction for him. Last year, Split came alone and blew audiences away. Not only was it a great concept, but it was executed with a real grace reminiscent of old school M. Night films like Unbreakable or Signs. In the film, James McAvoy gave a tour de force performance that showed his range as an actor.

In the time since then, Shyamalan has teased the idea of a sequel for Split (though we won’t get into film-spoiling details of that sequel), and on Wednesday, he took to Twitter to give an update on said sequel.

So as of this writing, Shyamalan has yet to actually pen the first draft of the script. That being said, he seems to be going at a real rapidfire pace. The fact that he’s been able to squeeze in seven drafts of his outline is indicative of how fast he’s working (assuming he started work when he realized Split would be a financial success). 

With everything seemingly falling into place for the filmmaker, it seems more than feasible that he’ll be able to finish the film for a January 2019 release. Needless to say, we’re all kinds of excited right now, especially since, if you’ve seen Split, you have an idea of what they’d be able to do with this sequel. The potential for the world-building in this movie is off-the-charts, and we only hope that Shyamalan doesn’t try too hard to jam everything into it.

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Split is out in theaters now!

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SOURCE: M. Night Shyamalan (via Twitter)

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