– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Nothing. Nothing happened next. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be click-baity with the title. Given that we never got a Thor movie from Fox, I figured, would be enough of a clue for you to realize that this project ultimately went nowhere. Of course, we eventually got the Chris Hemsworth-starring film from Marvel Studios, but like many projects in Hollywood, it took several attempts before it went somewhere.

This particular take involves the legend himself, Stan Lee. As you all undoubtedly know, Lee is the mastermind behind more superhero characters than you can even count, and having in on board your project would definitely lend a real credibility to it. Add in the director of perhaps the most successful superhero franchise at the time (though that would come much later), Sam Raimi, and you have what seems like pure gold, right? Apparently, even that combination sometimes doesn’t work, as the director revealed to THR.

“After I did Darkman, Stan Lee called me and was like, ‘Hey, kid, I liked your movie.’ He took me out to lunch and said we should work together. I said I’d like to make a movie about Thor. We worked together writing treatments and took it to Fox and pitched it. And they said, ‘Absolutely no. Comic books don’t make good movies.’ This was in 1991.”

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Ha! Well, we see who had the last laugh. Less than a decade later, X-Men would hit theaters, and soon after, Raimi’s own Spider-Man, launching the next wave of superhero films, which would pave the way for the Marvel Cinematic Universe — a universe that would successfully incorporate the Norse god in a huge way.

But of course, those were different times then, and even in the late-2000s when comic book movies were a huge thing, audiences were largely skeptical that someone like Thor could actually successfully be incorporated. Shows what they know, right?

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