– by Nick Doll

Anyone who watched Star Trek: The Original Series knows the name Harry Mudd. Mudd was the galaxy’s original snake-oil salesman (no, not literally), pestering Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise in two episodes, Mudd’s Women and I, Mudd. He was even brought back for The Animated Series in Mudd’s Passion. In fact, Mudd is the only non-crew character to be featured in more than one episode of TOS. Being a fan favorite, it is not surprising that the current Star Trek powers-that-be would want to bring him back for Star Trek: Discovery.

Variety reports that Rainn Wilson — Dwight from The Office — has been cast in the role of Harry Mudd for Star Trek: Discovery, though it is unclear how many episodes he will appear in. Discovery is set ten years prior to the Enterprise’s five-year mission, so Mudd is fair game. And, in a move that would blow Dwight’s mind, Wilson seems like the perfect casting, even though I haven’t cared for him in the past.

I imagine Mudd will have a good run in Season 1 of Discovery. The show, about the crew of the Discovery, has already cast Doug Jones, Sonequa Martin-Green, Michelle Yeoh, and the incredibly creepy Jason Isaacs as the ship’s Captain. Even with his lack of hits outside of The Office, Wilson is a pretty big name for the show. Combine that with the fact that the show has promised to be more serialized than the typical episodic Trek series, and I’d imagine we see quite a bit of Mudd. 

I was already excited at the proximity in the timeline Discovery has with TOS, but now I’m even more pumped that they are utilizing characters we already know and love. As long as it is an original project first, and not just an origin story for characters like Mudd, Discovery should be a lot of fun!

I say the more Mudd the better, but what do you think? Is Mudd best in moderation? Also, love the casting or hate it? I must know!

Star Trek: Discovery will be released later this year on CBS All Access. 

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SOURCE: Variety