– by Campbell Clark

EDIT: Apparently, we’ve made some irresponsible assumptions, and pegged this as a Star Wars photo when it is supposedly actually from John Carter.


You readers know how this works by now with Star Wars movies, people will obsess over the tiniest little details during production to see if they can spot any clues. And as such the film makers are able to build hype whilst giving us literally nothing of consequence.

Cue today’s Star Wars news, as Dan Mindel director of photography on Star Wars: Episode 9 has shared a BTS photo from the movie on Instagram. Check it out below.

The photo doesn’t appear to be anything too exciting, there is a clearly alien looking set functioning here, but I can’t see anything worth getting hyped about. Perhaps some eagle eyed fans on here can spot a few things I may have missed? I certainly don’t see any exciting theories coming up on the Instagram page itself.

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The thing is, for me at least, that I just can’t get excited for Star Wars: Episode 9 in general. I know, that perhaps no one would be excited by this set photo, but in general I have zero hype left for the climax to this trilogy. After the mindbogglingly bad The Last Jedi, I just don’t care what happens next. Maybe Finn will finally become a real hero…again. Or Rey will finally get some training in the Force, or we might get some motivation for where Ben Solo’s darkness came from? Then again these were the kind of things I wanted to see from the The Last Jedi, so unlikely.

I guess I am at the point where I challenge director JJ Abrams to excite me in some way, and yet I don’t expect he will? Maybe I’m just becoming a grumpy old former Star Wars fan?

What do you think of the set photo and do you feel a lack of hype for this movie like I do? Sound off in the usual place below.

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SOURCE: Dan Mindel (via Instagram)