– by Campbell Clark

We are still grabbing onto any small details we can find regarding Star Wars: Episode 9, which is now less than a year from release. So far we know very little other than a few rumored spy reports and the odd sneaky set-photo that’s leaked out. Well, as the holidays approach we have another little detail to ponder over.

In a recent interview with Empire star John Boyega who of course plays Finn revealed that Star Wars: Episode 9 takes place around a year after the ending of The Last Jedi. The contents of the magazine were shared on Twitter by Star Wars Stuff as you can see below. What’s interesting to note here is that this will make the Sequel trilogy of Star Wars by far the trilogy that takes place across the shortest timescale of any of the Star Wars main saga movies to date.

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In the Prequel trilogy, the three movies take place across a 13 year period, in the Original trilogy, whilst it’s never expressly stated, it is commonly thought that the movies take place across several years. The Empire strikes back probably being the film that takes place across the longest timescale as there is theoretically a huge time skip jump between the Falcon heading for Bespin and arriving, while Luke gets some off-screen training from Yoda.

In the Sequel trilogy so far the events shown seem to have taken place across no more than a few weeks in The Force Awakens and then The Last Jedi being set literally straight after that movie. Now we know a year will pass between TLJ and Episode 9 and that means the entire trilogy takes place across just over a year from start to finish, assuming no time skips in Episode 9.

Personally, as a Star Wars fan who did not like The Last Jedi, I still maintain a better setup for this trilogy would have been to start a few years earlier and show the fall of Ben Solo, the breaking of Luke Skywalker and the split between Han and Leia. Rey could have appeared as a new hope in Episode 8 and they could have left us with Luke’s death inspiring the galaxy to set up the events of a new trilogy featuring the new stars only and Kylo Ren as the Supreme Leader/Dark Lord.

Though, I have already been told by some of you readers that no one cares what I think would be best for Star Wars and thank goodness I am not writing it. That’s cool, I can only talk about the movies the way I see them, same as you guys. You don’t have to agree with me after all.

Do you feel differently to me about this Sequel trilogy, are you concerned in any way about the short timescales? Feel free to come at me in the usual place below, I can take it.

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SOURCE: Star Wars Stuff (via Twitter), Empire Magazine