Star Wars: Lando Calrissian Subplot Was Shelved In The Rise of Skywalker But Will Remain Canon In The Novel

I’m betting the majority of our readers have either seen The Rise of Skywalker so far, or they don’t care enough to worry about spoilers. However, just in case, we will be discussing some mild SPOILERS for that movie in this article so be aware.



Did anyone watch The Rise of Skywalker and wonder what the little moment at the end between Lando and Jannah was? She tells the veteran Rebel that she doesn’t know where she comes from, and he says “well, why don’t we go find out?” Jannah’s story was fleeting in the movie as was that of Lando realistically, and that part caught my attention for another reason.

The reason this caught my attention was, one, because it felt a little weird in the context of the movie for these two characters who had never met, and two, because the leaks for this movie, which were pretty much all on the money, had said Lando was actually Jannah’s father. Turns out, that was true. This subplot was actually cut from the movie, but they left in this scene at the end, where clearly the audience were supposed to put two and two together and realise Jannah was Lando’s daughter.

Lando was reluctant to leave the planet of Passana and the reason for this not shown in the film, was that this was where his daughter was kidnapped by the First Order and taken away to be a Stormtrooper. Lando didn’t want to leave because he was scared she’d come back looking for him if he did. So how do we know this now? Turns out this plotline is actually going to be canon and the subplot will be added into the novelisation of The Rise of Skywalker, probably because the book was being written before this subplot was edited out. Check out the social media exchange below for official confirmation from Jennifer Heddle, executive producer of Star Wars books..

I’m not a big fan of this plot, I am also not a fan of this plot being canon and yet not appearing in the movie, but then we have so many examples of that with this sequel trilogy. Ben Solo’s backstory, the Knights of Ren, Captain Phasma, have all had their backstories explained in more detail in comics or other medium. Frankly, it says to me that the writers didn’t do a good enough job with these characters in the movie if they need to be explained elsewhere, but then, it does sell comic books doesn’t it, so it could be planned this way?

I suppose the one main criticism I’d give here is that despite this removal being probably necessary for a quite a bloated movie, they should also have removed that shot of Lando and Jannah. I say this because whilst I don’t agree with the original poster above, it seems some people felt it was Lando being a little creepy towards Jannah in the movie.

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As with all unexplained details in The Rise of Skywalker, the best thing seems to be to simply quote Maz Kanata and forget about it, “a good question, for another time.” What did you think of The Rise of Skywalker and how do you feel about Lando being Jannah’s father? Leave your reactions below as always.

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SOURCE:  Jennifer Heddle (via Twitter)

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