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The Knights of Ren were only mentioned briefly and glimpsed even more briefly in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, then fans expected to find out more about them in The Last Jedi, but the characters didn’t appear in that movie. However, fans began to think that the Knights of Ren were going to be ex-students of Luke Skywalker that Ben Solo convinced to join him, based on some vague comments made by Luke in The Last Jedi.

So here we are at The Rise of Skywalker and we know for a fact that the Knights of Ren are going to play their biggest role yet in a Star Wars movie. Will we find out they have some connection to the Force, possibly former students of Luke, are they even human under those suits or some other species, what are their names?

If you were expecting a lot more background on these characters in the next movie, then you might well be disappointed. Taken from the new book Ultimate Star Wars New Edition, you can see the entry for the Knights of Ren in the Twitter post from MollieDamon below.

It seems (for now anyway) that the Knights of Ren, who they are, what their stories are, and even what species they are will remain a mystery. I doubt we will see any of then remove their masks, and some fans are starting to get worried they won’t even talk, they’ll just be used as something for the likes of Rey and (rumor) Kylo Ren to fight against. Now, one could argue that they are cooler remaining a mystery, I get that point of view, but at the same time for a characters that seemed to be built up in The Force Awakens and then unused in The Last Jedi, it feels like no one developed a story for who they are or how they got to where they are. It’s also possible based on what we are seeing that these characters have no Force powers, which pretty much seems to rule out them being former students of Luke.

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Lastly though, just because it says this in the book, doesn’t mean we won’t get more information on them within the movie itself. After all, I seriously doubt that the entries for all the other characters spoil their story arcs in the final movie.

Of course, it depends on which way you think about this, as such, let us know your thoughts either way on the Knights of Ren, cool ideas that were underutilized, or an intriguing mystery you don’t want to be resolved? Hit us up in the usual place below.

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SOURCE: MollieDamon (via Twitter)