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There are a lot of wonderful traditions within the Star Wars franchise. These are things that audiences generally expect going into these movies, and chances are, if you missed one, someone out there will notice and crucify you for it.

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I’m talking about things like the text crawl, the opening in space, the theme music, and of course, the tried-and-true, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” It’s a silly line that’s enough to make any film fan’s eyes roll, but it’s one that also has a warm place in all our hearts.

Because of this, it was all the more shocking when the line was a no-show in Star Wars: The last Jedi. I had been listening intently, but it was nowhere to be seen. Given that director Rian Johnson turned a lot of Star Wars expectations on their heads in this film, I guess it was to be expected, right?

WRONG! Johnson took to Twitter to clear the whole mess up.

But where is the line? Many followers questioned the validity of Johnson’s statement, but then some fans started thinking outside the box. There was one line that Poe had when talking to BB-8: “Positive beeps only.”

So does that mean that the line was given to BB-8, almost as an Easter egg? It certainly sounds like it.

What do you think of this? Do you think it’s clever that Johnson gave the line to BB-8, or should he be drawn and quartered for it? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Rian Johnson

  • Deathstroke936

    The whole audience I saw it with… said it last night.

    • DAH


    • DAH

      hey Deathstroke what did you think about the Snokes death?

      • Deathstroke936


        But honestly… every movie reviewer in the world brought up Steppenwolf as such a flawed villain in Justice League (and he kinda was…) But none of these hypocrites have no issue with Snoke with this crap movie… And Snoke wasn’t even the biggest flaw this movie has… And then they wonder … why the disconnect between critics and audience…

        Anyway… the score was pretty good…

        • DAH

          I thought ‘Snoke’ had great potential tho, he was played brilliantly by serkis, the cgi effects were amazing and he was so overly powerfull…could do amazing things with The Force without even moving his hands, it seemed this guy could hammer the Emperor without moving a muscle….it was building up some great momentum for the character and his backstory…only for the 2nd act to cut it short abruptly….too abruptly…I think that’s why people were upset….it seemed a kop-out…like the entire film if im honest…

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